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Oct. 29 Bochy, Bumgarner postgame interviews

THE MODERATOR:  The 2014 World Series MVP, Madison Bumgarner is here.

Q. Madison, as you were going along, 7, 8th, 9th inning, were there any conversations at all about pitch count, you coming out, anything like that?

MADISON BUMGARNER:  No, there was nothing. I was just concentrating on making pitches. I wasn't thinking about how many innings I was going to go or how many pitches or anything of that, just thinking about getting outs. Fortunately for me we had some pretty quick ones and that gave me a chance to stay out there, I think. So I'm thankful for the opportunity.

We've got one of the best closers in the game that could have come in at any time and slammed the door, so I'm thankful for my team believing in me and letting me stay out there.

Q. As you were going into the game, what had they told you about when you might be called upon?

MADISON BUMGARNER:  There wasn't really a whole lot of talk. I was just ready. I knew if something happened early, it was probably a lot better chance of me getting in there, and it did. We got the bullpen in the game, so I was ready after that, trying to prepare to go in there.

Q. The most tense moment of the game came with the last batter that you faced with the errors that allowed Gordon to get to third base. What was the mindset and approach once you got into that situation?

MADISON BUMGARNER:  You know what, we know they're an aggressive team and that situation certainly helped push their aggressiveness. I knew Perez was going to want to do something big. I had a really good chance, too. We tried to use that aggressiveness and throw our pitches up in the zone. It's a little bit higher than high, I guess, and fortunately I was able to get some past him.

Q. I wonder what was going through your mind as that ball was rolling around out in left‑center field and you were watching Alex Gordon move on and on.

MADISON BUMGARNER:  I wasn't sure what happened. I didn't see it. But I was starting to get a little nervous. He can run a little bit and that's a big outfield, so I was just wanting someone to get it and get it in, which they did in plenty of time. But it was a little nerve‑wracking though.

Q. Madison, I guess Bruce had said going into the game that you'd be good for maybe 40 or 50. When you took the ball for the first time, did you have any doubt that you were going to finish that game once you got the ball?

MADISON BUMGARNER:  Like I said, I wasn't thinking about finishing the game or how many innings I was going to go or pitch count. I was just wanting to get outs, and we were able to do that for the most part, and that's it.

Q. Madison, you certainly looked the same out there. Did you feel any differently at all two days after throwing 117 pitches or coming out in relief?

MADISON BUMGARNER:  No, you know, I felt good still. I still felt relatively the same.

Q. This game has been going on for 130 years, how special is it to make World Series history?

MADISON BUMGARNER: You know what, it's really special to keep hearing that. Obviously it hasn't sunk in yet. There's not been near enough time to think about it. This is as good as it gets World Series Game 7. It's pretty stressful at the same time.

So we're just thankful for the opportunity, and we're blessed to have the success that we've had. Again, couldn't be more thankful for it.

Q. Bruce, could we get your reaction to when Alex Gordon's ball was rattling around on the warning track? What were you thinking?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I was like, Bum, let's get the ball in, because Gordon, he can run there. And Blanco's such a good defender. Once it gets by him, you figure this is how the game would go. It would come down to this because these two teams, I mean, it was a great series. So I figured this would be a close ballgame.

But I was hoping Blanco would catch the ball, to be honest, and once it got by him, I still had trust in this guy. Truly amazing. Incredible what he did through all this postseason, and as you guys just mentioned, historic.

In fact, I was staying away from him every inning because I was hoping he wouldn't go, "I'm starting to get a little tired", because there's no way I would have taken him out unless he would have told me that. We just got on his horse and rode it.

Q. Madison, it's been a while since you've entered the game from the general direction of where you did. You walked through that gate in this environment, in this game, what is going through your head over that 300 feet or so? You jogged it, walked part of it. What are you thinking about in that moment?

MADISON BUMGARNER: It don't matter which way you come from, when you get out there, it's the same thing. Just trying to make pitches. There is nothing different about that. So I wasn't really thinking about it. I was just thinking about getting on the mound and trying to get some innings for our team and get some outs and make some pitches, and fortunately we were able to do that.

Q. For both of you guys, that last pop‑up was in the air for a long time. Can you remember what you felt instantly, whether it was relief or excitement when that ball went in the air?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, for me relief. Because anything can happen, a bloop or a wild pitch. I mean, there is a man on third base there, and he just made some great pitches. He went after them, I'll say that. I was going to say, wait a minute, you might need to mix it up here a little bit, but that's Madison. He just said, hey, if you're going to beat me, you're going to beat me with my best pitch. Then at that point you're going, Pablo, please catch this thing.

Q. Madison, you've seen other guys get the Buster hug after championships. What was that like? Buster got a little emotional there, too. Was it emotional that moment?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Yeah, we won Game 7 of the World Series on the road. So it was definitely emotional.

It's been an unbelievable year for us. So many ups and downs. We faced a lot of adversity. I couldn't be happier for my teammates. There were a lot of guys that couldn't deserve it anymore they do. Like I said, I'm thankful for them and truly an honor to be part of this team and organization.

Q. Madison, you were asked what it was like watching the ball out in left field. What was it like when you saw the pop‑up and knew that was it?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Well, right when he first hit it, I didn't know if it was going to go foul or stay in. You get a better read on it, and you see Pablo under it. Like Boch said, a little bit of relief, a little bit of excitement combined. You're just sitting there trying to figure out if it really just happened or not, for me.

But it was an awesome experience getting to be out there for the last out of Game 7 of the World Series.

Q. You pitched more than a third of the team's innings during this World Series. You came back on short rest. Are you tired yet?

MADISON BUMGARNER: You know what? I can't lie to you anymore. I'm a little tired now (laughter).

Q. Going into the game, what was your plan for Bumgarner? I know a lot of us have asked you about that, but in your own mind, what was your plan going into the game? And as the game unfolded, how close did it match what you were thinking going in?

BRUCE BOCHY: It really wasn't exactly how we had talked about in playing. We were hoping Huddy would be on top of his game and get us somewhat deep in the game. But it didn't happen. So we told Jeremy, "Be ready. You're the first guy up." And hopefully he would get us to the fifth inning. That's when I wanted to use Bumgarner.

So up to that point, Jeremy was going to be in there or Timmy, if Jeremy would have tired a little bit, and guys would have been on base, I would have used Timmy. I had him going there. But it really worked out exactly what we talked about except for it's obvious Huddy didn't go as far as we thought. But if anything happened early, Jeremy would come in, calm things down, and hopefully get us to that 5th inning, and that's exactly what he did.

Q. I remember having a conversation with you about how important it was when you won one four years ago now about. Can you describe three now and basically four calendar years and what it means to you?

BRUCE BOCHY: You know, I'm numb, really through all of this. You're so blessed or fortunate to get in the World Series and to get one, it just doesn't happen that often. To look at this and see that we won three times, I mean, I'm amazed with what these guys did and the fact that we have won three times in five years. It's not that easy. But when you have a group of warriors like we have, I mean, they continue to just amaze you. They were relentless.

Like I said, I'm numb through all this. I mean, this team went through a lot this year with the injuries. Cain, Pagan, Morse, the Wild Card, I mean, this has been a tough road we've gone down. Played a great club there. Congrats to the Royals with their year and a great World Series.

To do this on the road, really going against all odds. We kept hearing the odds. Once you lose Game 6, you know, and the odds weren't very good on us winning this game. To accomplish it, I just think that the guys, too, that haven't gotten a ring, the Hudsons, the Morses, and all these young kids, that's what makes this so much more special.

Q. Bruce, you had your closer up, what was the plan there? When was he coming in the game?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, if Madison would have showed signs of fatigue and gotten in trouble, we had to cover him because he was at the point where we thought it was getting close to where we could take him. I don't know if I could have gotten him off the mound, to be honest, but you have to cover this young kid and take care of him. We stretched him out pretty good today, but he kept saying, "Hey, I'm good to go. My arm feels great." But if something would have happened on the last hitter, I gotta get him. I gotta protect him.

Q. The camera showed you embracing Bumgarner after the game and you said something to him. Can you say what you said to him. And describe in your own words what you saw out of him this October?

BRUCE BOCHY: I really can't remember too much about what I said except I love him and what a warrior he is, and truly incredible what he did throughout the postseason. I just told him I just can't believe what he accomplished through all this. He's such a humble guy, and we rode him pretty good.

He's a guy I just think so much of. I had this kid when he was 20 years old and to watch him develop, that's been pretty special.

Q. Pablo Sandoval has become a legendary postseason hitter and right now he's setting records. Can you talk a little bit about the role he's played in these three championships and the prospects of him coming back next year, if this could be his last game as a Giant?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, his role in the first one, it diminished. We put Juan at third base. But the last two, you know, great players, they have a way of rising to the occasion. He did that. You could see a difference in Pablo once his postseason started. His focus, his third base play was as good as I've seen from any third baseman. That's what I'm proud of about him, is how he made himself such a good defender.

As far as what happens, I don't know. It's obvious I love this kid, too. I've had him since he came up, and hopefully something gets done, but these are things that take care of themselves in the winter.

Q. Along the same lines, I thought a great support roles today from Morse and Affeldt. Could you give us a little bit of your impressions on their performance. They both played crucial roles.

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, everybody did something to contribute through all of these games. That's what really made this special, too. Morse got a big hit today. You go back to the home run he hit against St. Louis, our backs are against the wall there and we're one run down. They're going to bring in their closer, so he saved us there.

But Affeldt, this guy he's like Bumgarner or Pablo in postseason. He's incredible on what he did. We talked to Jeremy about his role today. These guys are so unselfish. They don't care. They'll pitch anytime. He was all in on how we were going to use him and pretty amazing numbers that he has throughout this postseason. Because of him, he's played a critical role in these three championships.

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