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Price apologizes for language used in media session

Reds manager acknowledges 'inappropriate' choice of words but stands by message

Reds manager Bryan Price issued an apology on Tuesday morning for his language in a pregame session with media that made the rounds late Monday night.

"In my pregame conversation with reporters yesterday, I used wholly inappropriate language to describe the media coverage of our team," Price said via Twitter. "While I stand by the content of my message, I am sorry for the choice of words."

Price expressed displeasure and frustration in a spirited session with reporters before the game at what he perceived was too much revealing of details regarding player availability. To paraphrase, information about minor injuries and player availability, from where he sits, only serve the interests of opponents.

The delivery of his argument about keeping certain disclosures and discoveries in house, clearly expressed in frustration, became a trending topic in social media Monday night in part because it was peppered with language not suitable for inclusion here.

It seems appropriate to note, in this competitive media landscape, with platforms of all kinds and information so readily available and easy to share, it's unrealistic for any manager to expect those on the beat to risk credibility by withholding newsworthy developments.

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