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Shadows may be a factor in Braves-Cards tilt

ATLANTA -- With first pitch scheduled for 5:07 p.m. ET on Friday, the Braves and Cardinals will likely have to contend with more shadows than they do for a more typical evening or early-afternoon game time.

The sun is predicted to set Friday at 7:16. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said until the sun disappears around 7:30, the shadows will be difficult for both teams.

"But you would think that we'd have the advantage, because we take batting practice every day around 5 o'clock," Gonzalez said. "But that's where we're kind of nitpicking on shadows and the wind direction. It's still about those two guys on the mound and getting every opportunity to score when we get a chance."

Right fielder Jason Heyward said there will be different lighting Friday, but he doesn't expect the shadows to have much of an effect.

"Shadows, probably, for tomorrow," Heyward said. "But other than that, we're going to be playing some baseball, playoff baseball, have a good time at it."

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