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Rosters Announced for the 2014 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game

Rosters Feature 15 Former First Round Picks; World Team Includes Players from Eight Different Countries and Territories Outside the United States

Rosters for the 2014 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, which will be played on Sunday, July 13th at Target Field, were announced by Major League Baseball earlier this afternoon on MLB Network's "The Rundown" and 

The SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, which is now in its 16th year, features the top Minor League prospects competing in a nine-inning contest as part of Taco Bell All-Star Sunday. The U.S. Team, which has won each of the last four contests, leads the all-time series, 9-6. The game will begin at 5:00 p.m. (ET)/4:00 p.m. (CT) and can be viewed live on MLB Network and Featured on MLB Network for the first time, the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game will be called by Matt Vasgersian, Sean Casey and Heidi Watney, along with's Jonathan Mayo. 

Rosters for the 2014 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, which will be played on Sunday, July 13th at Target Field, were announced by Major League Baseball earlier this afternoon on MLB Network's "The Rundown" and 

The SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, which is now in its 16th year, features the top Minor League prospects competing in a nine-inning contest as part of Taco Bell All-Star Sunday. The U.S. Team, which has won each of the last four contests, leads the all-time series, 9-6. The game will begin at 5:00 p.m. (ET)/4:00 p.m. (CT) and can be viewed live on MLB Network and Featured on MLB Network for the first time, the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game will be called by Matt Vasgersian, Sean Casey and Heidi Watney, along with's Jonathan Mayo. 

SiriusXM, the Official Satellite Radio Partner of Major League Baseball, will provide live play-by-play coverage of the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game on MLB Network Radio (XM channel 89; Sirius channel 209) in addition to SiriusXM's other comprehensive live coverage from Minneapolis. The game will also be available to SiriusXM subscribers on the SiriusXM Internet Radio App for smart phones and mobile devices and online at Taco Bell All-Star Sunday is the first of three days of All-Star events at Target Field, culminating with the 85th All-Star Game on Tuesday, July 15th.

Major League Baseball, in conjunction with the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau,, Baseball America and the 30 Major League Clubs, selected the 25 players currently on each team. Each Major League organization is represented and players from all full-season Minor Leagues were eligible to participate. Complete Futures Game rosters, prospect analysis and rankings can be found at 

The teams feature 15 former first round draft picks (U.S. - 12; World - 3), six players picked in Compensation Round A (U.S. - 5; World - 1) and five second round picks (U.S. - 4; World - 1). Among the 15 first round picks, seven were selected in the 2013 Draft, four in the 2012 Draft, three in the 2011 Draft and one in the 2010 Draft. The rosters are highlighted by a pair of Cubs prospects, including the U.S. Team's Kris Bryant, who was the second overall selection of the 2013 Draft, and the World Team's Javier Baez, who was the ninth overall pick of the 2011 Draft.

The World Team features players from eight different countries and territories outside the 50 United States. The Dominican Republic is represented by nine players, followed by Puerto Rico (7), Venezuela (3) and Colombia (2). Canada, Cuba, Mexico and Panama are each represented by one player on the World Team. The seven Puerto Rican players represent the most from the island in a single Futures Game, eclipsing the previous mark of three set in 2000 and matched in 2001.

The SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game will last nine innings, and in the event of a tie, a 10th inning will be played. The game will not go longer than 10 innings, regardless of the score. Players and coaches will be outfitted in special SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game caps and jerseys.

The Minor League Baseball Umpires who will work the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game are Travis Eggert (home plate) of the Texas League, Jansen Visconti (first base) of the Eastern League, Nate White (second base) of the Texas League and Matt McCoy (third base) of the Southern League.

One hundred and fifteen players (115) have competed in both the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. In 2013, 37 Major League All-Stars were alumni of the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game. Twelve players - Jose Altuve, Adam Dunn, Neftali Feliz, Jose Fernandez, Jason Heyward, Bryce Harper, Francisco Liriano, Evan Longoria, Manny Machado, Jean Segura, Ben Sheets and Geovany Soto - appeared in the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game and were named to the All-Star Game in the following season. The full list of players who have been named to both games are as follows:

                      Player         Current Organization     Position              All-Star Game            Futures Game

                   Jose Altuve                    Astros                       2B                           2012                            2011

                 Pedro Alvarez                  Pirates                       3B                           2013                            2009

                  Elvis Andrus                  Rangers                     INF                     2010, 2012                     2007-08

                  Danys Baez                       ---                         RHP                          2005                            2000

                 Grant Balfour                   Rays                       RHP                          2013                            2001

                 Jose Bautista                Blue Jays                     OF                        2010-13                         2005

                  Josh Beckett                 Dodgers                    RHP                2007, 2009, 2011                  2000

                Lance Berkman                    ---                          INF              2001-02, 2004, 2011               1999

                  Hank Blalock                      ---                          INF                        2003-04                         2001

                  Ryan Braun                  Brewers                      OF                        2008-12                         2006

               Domonic Brown                Phillies                       OF                           2013                            2010

                    Jay Bruce                      Reds                        OF                        2011-12                         2007

                 Clay Buchholz                Red Sox                    RHP                     2010, 2013                       2007

                   John Buck                   Mariners                       C                            2010                            2002

                 Mark Buehrle                Blue Jays                    LHP              2002, 2005-06, 2009               2000

            Madison Bumgarner             Giants                      LHP                          2013                            2009

                   Billy Butler                    Royals                       DH                           2012                            2006

                  Marlon Byrd                   Pirates                       OF                           2010                            2002

                Melky Cabrera               Blue Jays                     OF                           2012                            2005

                Miguel Cabrera                 Tigers                       INF              2004, 2007, 2010-13             2001-02

                  Trevor Cahill                  D-backs                     RHP                          2010                            2008

                    Matt Cain                     Giants                      RHP                  2009, 2011-12                    2004

                Robinson Cano               Mariners                     INF                   2006, 2010-13                  2003-04

                 Jason Castro                   Astros                        C                            2013                            2009

                 Starlin Castro                   Cubs                        INF                        2011-12                         2009

                  Aaron Cook                      ---                         LHP                          2008                            2002

              Francisco Cordero                  ---                         RHP                2004, 2007, 2009                  1999

                 Carl Crawford                Dodgers                      OF              2004, 2007, 2009-10               2002

                  Nelson Cruz                   Orioles                       OF                      2009, 2013                       2005

               Michael Cuddyer               Rockies                      OF                      2011, 2013                       1999

                  Adam Dunn                White Sox                    OF                      2002, 2012                       2001

               Jacoby Ellsbury               Yankees                      OF                           2011                            2007

             Edwin Encarnacion            Blue Jays                     INF                          2013                          2003-05

                   Neftali Feliz                  Rangers                     RHP                          2010                            2009

               Jose Fernandez                Marlins                     RHP                          2013                            2012

                 Prince Fielder                 Rangers                     INF              2007, 2009, 2011-13               2004

                  Rafael Furcal                  Marlins                      INF                2003, 2010, 2012                  1999

               Yovani Gallardo               Brewers                     RHP                          2010                            2006

                  Marcus Giles                      ---                          INF                          2003                            2000

              Paul Goldschmidt              D-backs                      1B                           2013                            2011

               Adrian Gonzalez              Dodgers                     INF                        2008-11                         2001

               Carlos Gonzalez               Rockies                      OF                        2012-13                       2006-07

                 Gio Gonzalez                Nationals                    LHP                        2011-12                         2006

                  Alex Gordon                   Royals                       OF                           2013                            2006

                 Zack Greinke                 Dodgers                    RHP                          2009                            2003

                   Jason Grilli                    Pirates                      RHP                          2013                            1999

                Josh Hamilton                 Angels                       OF                        2008-12                         2000

                    J.J. Hardy                    Orioles                      INF                     2007, 2013                       2003

                 Bryce Harper                Nationals                     OF                        2012-13                         2011

                   Corey Hart                  Mariners                      OF                      2008, 2010                       2002

                  Matt Harvey                    Mets                       RHP                          2013                            2011

               Felix Hernandez               Mariners                    RHP                  2009, 2011-13                    2004

            Roberto Hernandez             Phillies                      RHP                          2010                          2004-05

                Jason Heyward                 Braves                       OF                           2010                            2009

                    Aaron Hill                    D-backs                     INF                          2009                            2004

                 Ryan Howard                  Phillies                      INF                   2006, 2009-10                    2003

               Orlando Hudson                   ---                          INF                     2007, 2009                       2002

                  Phil Hughes                    Twins                      RHP                          2010                            2006

                 Omar Infante                  Royals                       INF                          2010                            2002

                 Brandon Inge                     ---                          INF                          2009                            2000

                Edwin Jackson                  Cubs                       RHP                          2009                            2003

                  Jim Johnson                 Athletics                    RHP                          2012                            2005

                Howie Kendrick                Angels                       INF                          2011                            2006

               Clayton Kershaw              Dodgers                     LHP                        2011-13                         2007

                  Jason Kipnis                  Indians                      2B                           2013                            2011

               Francisco Liriano               Pirates                      LHP                          2006                       2002, 2005

                Evan Longoria                   Rays                        INF                        2008-10                         2007

                  Felipe Lopez                      ---                          INF                          2005                          2000-01

                   Jose Lopez                       ---                          INF                          2006                            2002

                 Ryan Ludwick                   Reds                        OF                           2008                            2001

               Manny Machado               Orioles                      INF                          2013                          2011-12

                 Russell Martin                 Pirates                        C                     2007-08, 2011                    2005

                Victor Martinez                 Tigers                        C                2004, 2007, 2009-10               2002

                   Joe Mauer                     Twins                         C             2006, 2008-10, 2012-13             2003

             Andrew McCutchen             Pirates                       OF                        2011-13                         2008

               Miguel Montero               D-backs                       C                            2011                            2005

                  Matt Moore                     Rays                       LHP                          2013                            2011

               Justin Morneau                Rockies                      INF                        2007-10                    2002, 2004

                  Mark Mulder                      ---                         LHP                        2003-04                         1999

                Dioner Navarro              Blue Jays                      C                            2008                            2004

                  Carlos Peña                  Rangers                     INF                          2009                          2000-01

                 Hunter Pence                  Giants                       OF                      2009, 2011                       2006

                  Brad Penny                   Marlins                     RHP                       2006-07                         1999

               Brandon Phillips                 Reds                        INF                   2010-11, 2013                    2002

               Aramis Ramirez               Brewers                      INF                     2005, 2008                       1999

               Hanley Ramirez               Dodgers                     INF                        2008-10                         2005

                   Jose Reyes                  Blue Jays                     INF                2006-07, 2010-11                  2002

                    Alex Rios                    Rangers                      OF                        2006-07                         2003

            Francisco Rodriguez            Brewers                     RHP                  2004, 2007-09                    2002

                    B.J. Ryan                        ---                         LHP                          2005                            1999

                 C.C. Sabathia                 Yankees                     LHP         2003-04, 2007, 2010, 2012          2000

               Pablo Sandoval                 Giants                       3B                         2011-12                    2006, 2008

                 Ervin Santana                 Braves                      RHP                          2008                            2003

                  Jean Segura                  Brewers                      SS                           2013                            2012

                   Ben Sheets                       ---                         RHP             2001, 2004, 2007-08               2000

               Grady Sizemore                   ---                          OF                        2006-08                         2003

               Alfonso Soriano               Yankees                      OF                 2002-05, 2007-08                  1999

                Geovany Soto                Rangers                       C                            2008                            2007

              Giancarlo Stanton              Marlins                       OF                           2012                            2009

                 Chris Tillman                  Orioles                      RHP                          2013                            2009

                   Mike Trout                    Angels                       OF                        2012-13                         2010

                Troy Tulowitzki                Rockies                      INF                   2010-11, 2013                    2006

                 Justin Upton                  Braves                       OF                      2009, 2011                       2007

                  Chase Utley                   Phillies                      INF                        2006-10                         2001

                 Jose Valverde                     ---                         RHP                  2007, 2010-11                    2001

               Justin Verlander                Tigers                      RHP                  2007, 2009-13                    2005

               Edinson Vólquez               Pirates                      RHP                          2008                            2005

                   Joey Votto                     Reds                        INF                        2010-13                       2006-07

              Adam Wainwright             Cardinals                    RHP                     2010, 2013                       2002

                 Rickie Weeks                 Brewers                      INF                          2011                            2004

                 Vernon Wells                     ---                          OF                 2003, 2006, 2010                1999-00

                 David Wright                   Mets                        INF                2006-10, 2012-13                  2004

                 Kevin Youkilis                     ---                          INF                   2008-09, 2011                    2003

                  Chris Young                    Mets                        OF                           2010                            2005

                    Barry Zito                        ---                         LHP                   2002-03, 2006                    2000


There are currently 244 players (152 from the U.S. Team and 92 from the World Team) from the first 15 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Games on active rosters or disabled lists in the Major Leagues as of today:


Players from 1999-2013 Futures Games Currently on Active Major League Rosters or Disabled Lists:



      Player, Position                   Year(s)       Team    

      Pedro Alvarez, 3B               2009          Pirates

      Brett Anderson, LHP           2008          Rockies

      Nolan Arenado, 3B              2011-12     Rockies

      Jake Arrieta, RHP                2008          Cubs

      Homer Bailey, RHP              2006          Reds

      Trevor Bauer, RHP              2012          Indians

      Josh Beckett, RHP              2000          Dodgers

      Tim Beckham, SS                2011          Rays

      Ryan Braun, OF                  2006          Brewers     

      Zach Britton, LHP               2010          Orioles

      Domonic Brown, OF           2010          Phillies

      Jay Bruce, OF                     2007          Reds

      Clay Buchholz, RHP             2007          Red Sox

      John Buck, C                      2002          Mariners

      Mark Buehrle, LHP              2000          Blue Jays

      Madison Bumgarner, LHP   2009          Giants

      A.J. Burnett, RHP                1999          Phillies

      Sean Burnett, LHP              2002          Angels

      Billy Butler, 1B/DH              2006          Royals

      Eddie Butler, RHP               2013          Rockies

      Marlon Byrd, OF                 2002          Pirates

      Matt Cain, RHP                   2004          Giants

      Chris Carter, OF                  2009          Astros

      Nick Castellanos, 3B            2012          Tigers

      Jason Castro, C                   2009          Astros

      Joba Chamberlain, RHP      2007          Tigers

      Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B          2010          Indians

      Michael Choice, OF              2012          Rangers

      Chris Coghlan, OF               2007          Cubs

      Gerrit Cole, RHP                  2012          Pirates

      Hank Conger, C                  2010          Angels

      Jarred Cosart, RHP             2010-11     Astros

      Neal Cotts, LHP                   2003          Rangers

      Carl Crawford, OF               2002          Dodgers

      C.J. Cron, 1B                      2013          Angels

      Michael Cuddyer, OF           1999          Rockies

      John Danks, LHP                2004          White Sox

      Stephen Drew, SS              2006          Red Sox

      Danny Duffy, LHP               2009          Royals

      Adam Dunn, 1B/DH            2001          White Sox

      Jacoby Ellsbury, OF            2007          Yankees

      Danny Espinosa, 2B            2009-10     Nationals

      Prince Fielder, 1B                2004          Rangers

      Tyler Flowers, C                  2009          White Sox

      Gavin Floyd, RHP                2003-04     Braves

      Dexter Fowler, OF               2008          Astros

      Kevin Frandsen, 3B             2005          Nationals

      Christian Friedrich, LHP       2010          Rockies

      Matt Garza, RHP                 2007          Brewers

      Scooter Gennett, 2B           2012          Brewers
      Kyle Gibson, RHP                2011          Twins

      Paul Goldschmidt, 1B          2011          D-backs

      Adrian Gonzalez, 1B            2001          Dodgers

      Gio Gonzalez, LHP               2006          Nationals

      Alex Gordon, OF                 2006          Royals

      Dee Gordon, 2B                  2010          Dodgers

      Tom Gorzelanny, LHP         2006          Brewers

      Grant Green, OF                 2010-11     Angels

      Zack Greinke, RHP              2003          Dodgers

      Jason Grilli, RHP                 1999          Pirates

      Billy Hamilton, OF               2012-13     Reds

      Josh Hamilton, OF              2000          Angels

      J.J. Hardy, SS                     2003          Orioles

      Bryce Harper, OF                2011          Nationals

      Matt Harvey, RHP               2011          Mets

      Corey Hart, OF                    2002          Mariners

      Chris Heisey, OF                  2009          Reds

      Jeremy Hellickson, RHP       2010          Rays

      Jason Heyward, OF             2009          Braves

      Aaron Hill, 2B                      2004          D-backs

      Luke Hochevar, RHP           2007          Royals

      Eric Hosmer, 1B                  2010          Royals

      Ryan Howard, 1B                2003          Phillies

      Daniel Hudson, RHP           2010          D-backs

      Phil Hughes, RHP                2006          Twins

      Chris Iannetta, C                 2005          Angels

      Edwin Jackson, RHP           2003          Cubs

      Desmond Jennings, OF       2009-10     Rays

      Kevin Jepsen                      2008          Angels

      Jim Johnson, RHP              2005          Athletics

      Casey Kelly, RHP                 2009          Padres

      Howie Kendrick, 2B             2006          Angels

      Clayton Kershaw, LHP         2007          Dodgers

      Jason Kipnis, 2B                 2011          Indians

      Adam LaRoche, INF            2003          Nationals

      Mat Latos, RHP                   2009          Reds

      Matt Lindstrom, RHP          2006          White Sox 

      Evan Longoria, 3B              2007          Rays

      Ryan Ludwick, OF               2001          Reds

      Jordan Lyles, RHP               2010          Rockies

      Manny Machado, INF          2011-12     Orioles

      Paul Maholm, LHP              2005          Dodgers

      Jeff Mathis, C                      2003-04     Marlins

      Brian Matusz, LHP               2009          Orioles

      Joe Mauer, C                      2003          Twins

      Cameron Maybin, OF          2006-07     Padres

      Andrew McCutchen, OF       2008          Pirates

      Devin Mesoraco, C              2011          Reds

      Will Middlebrooks, 3B         2011          Red Sox

      Shelby Miller, RHP              2010-11     Cardinals

      Mike Minor, LHP                 2010          Braves

      Matt Moore, LHP                2011          Rays

      Bryan Morris, RHP              2010          Marlins

      Logan Morrison, OF            2010          Mariners

      Mike Moustakas, 3B            2010          Royals

      Wil Myers, OF                     2011-12     Rays

      Jake Odorizzi, RHP              2012          Rays

      Mike Olt, 1B                        2012          Cubs

      Lyle Overbay, 1B                2002          Brewers

      Chris Owings, SS                2013          D-backs

      Jarrod Parker, RHP             2009          Athletics

      Troy Patton, LHP                2005          Orioles

      Brad Peacock, RHP             2011          Astros

      Steve Pearce, 1B                 2007          Orioles

      Hunter Pence, OF               2006          Giants

      Cliff Pennington, SS            2008          D-backs

      Brandon Phillips, 2B            2002          Reds

      Gregory Polanco, OF           2013          Pirates

      Drew Pomeranz, LHP          2011          Athletics

      Colby Rasmus, OF              2007          Blue Jays

      Nolan Reimold, OF              2006          Orioles

      Ben Revere, OF                   2010          Phillies

      C.C. Sabathia, LHP              2000          Yankees

      Tanner Scheppers, RHP      2010          Rangers

      Nate Schierholtz, OF           2008          Cubs

      Jonathan Singleton, 1B      2012          Astros

      Tyler Skaggs, LHP               2011-12     Angels

      George Springer, OF           2013          Astros

      Giancarlo Stanton, OF         2009          Marlins

      Tim Stauffer, RHP               2004          Padres

      Kurt Suzuki, C                     2006          Twins

      Taylor Teagarden, C           2008          Mets

      Tyler Thornburg, RHP         2011          Brewers

      Chris Tillman, RHP              2009          Orioles

      Mike Trout, OF                   2010-11     Angels

      Troy Tulowitzki, SS             2006          Rockies

      Jacob Turner, RHP              2011          Marlins

      B.J. Upton, OF                    2004-05     Braves

      Justin Upton, OF                2007          Braves

      Chase Utley, 2B                  2001          Phillies

      Justin Verlander, RHP         2005          Tigers

      Adam Wainwright, RHP      2002          Cardinals

      Neil Walker, 2B                   2006          Pirates

      Rickie Weeks, 2B                2004          Brewers

      Zack Wheeler, RHP             2010-12     Mets

      Jerome Williams, RHP         2001          Astros

      Kolten Wong, 2B                2012-13     Cardinals

      David Wright, 3B                2004          Mets

      Christian Yelich                   2012-13     Marlins

      Chris Young, OF                 2005          Mets

      Delmon Young, OF/DH       2004-05     Orioles

      Eric Young, Jr., INF/OF       2009          Mets



      Player, Position                   Year(s)       Team    

      Yonder Alonso, 1B              2010-11     Padres

      Jose Altuve, 2B                   2011          Astros

      Henderson Alvarez, RHP     2010-11     Marlins

      Elvis Andrus, SS                  2007-08     Rangers

      Joaquin Arias, SS                2006          Giants

      Oswaldo Arcia, OF               2012          Twins

      Grant Balfour, RHP             2001          Rays

      Jose Bautista, OF                2005          Blue Jays

      Pedro Beato, RHP               2007          Braves

      Erik Bedard, LHP                 2001-02     Rays

      Xander Bogaerts, SS           2012-13     Red Sox

      Melky Cabrera, OF              2005          Blue Jays

      Miguel Cabrera, 1B             2001-02     Tigers

      Robinson Cano, 2B             2003-04     Mariners

      Carlos Carrasco, RHP          2006-08     Indians

      Welington Castillo, C           2008          Cubs          

      Starlin Castro, SS                2009          Cubs

      Jhoulys Chacin, RHP           2009          Rockies

      Bruce Chen, LHP                 1999          Royals

      Shin-Soo Choo, OF             2002, 04-05 Rangers

      Pedro Ciriaco, SS                2010          Royals

      Carlos Contreras, RHP         2013          Reds

      Nelson Cruz, OF                  2005          Orioles

      Jorge De La Rosa, LHP       2002-03     Rockies      

      Edwin Encarnacion, 1B/DH                   2003-05     Blue Jays

      Alcides Escobar, SS             2007, 09    Royals

      Yunel Escobar, SS               2006          Rays

      Jeurys Familia, RHP            2010          Mets

      Neftali Feliz, RHP                 2009          Rangers

      Jose Fernandez, RHP          2012          Marlins

      Wilmer Flores, INF              2012          Mets

      Jeff Francis, LHP                 2004          Athletics

      Juan Francisco, 3B              2008          Blue Jays

      Rafael Furcal, SS                 1999          Marlins

      Yovani Gallardo, RHP          2006          Brewers

      Jaime Garcia, LHP               2006, 08    Cardinals

      Carlos Gonzalez, OF            2006-07     Rockies

      Yasmani Grandal, C             2012          Padres

      Franklin Gutierrez, OF         2003          Mariners

      Felix Hernandez, RHP          2004          Mariners

      Roberto Hernandez, RHP    2004-05     Phillies

      Kelvin Herrera, RHP            2011          Royals

      Omar Infante, 2B                2002          Royals

      George Kottaras, C             2006          Indians

      Brett Lawrie, 3B                  2009-10     Blue Jays

      Francisco Liriano, LHP         2002, 05    Pirates

      Starling Marte, OF              2011          Pirates

      Russell Martin, C                 2005          Pirates

      Carlos Martinez, RHP          2011          Cardinals

      Victor Martinez, C/DH         2002          Tigers

      Jenrry Mejia, RHP               2009          Mets

      Miguel Montero, C              2005          D-backs

      Franklin Morales, LHP         2007          Rockies

      Kendrys Morales, 1B/DH     2005          Twins

      Justin Morneau, 1B             2002, 04    Rockies

      Dioner Navarro, C               2004          Blue Jays

      Gerardo Parra, OF               2008          D-backs

      James Paxton, LHP             2011          Mariners

      Francisco Peguero, OF        2010          Orioles

      Ramiro Pena, 2B                 2008          Braves

      Eury Perez, OF                    2010          Nationals

      Martin Perez, LHP               2011          Rangers

      Yusmeiro Petit, RHP           2004-05     Giants

      Stolmy Pimentel, RHP         2010          Pirates

      Jurickson Profar, 2B            2011-12     Rangers

      Aramis Ramirez, 3B             1999          Brewers

      Hanley Ramirez, SS             2005          Dodgers

      Jose Reyes, SS                   2002          Blue Jays

      Andre Rienzo, RHP             2013          White Sox

      Alex Rios, OF                      2003          Rangers

      Francisco Rodriguez, RHP   2002          Brewers

      Bruce Rondon, RHP            2012          Tigers

      Hector Rondon, RHP          2008          Cubs

      Wilin Rosario, C                  2010-11     Rockies

      Fernando Salas, RHP          2008          Angels

      Anibal Sanchez, RHP           2005          Tigers

      Pablo Sandoval, 3B             2006, 08    Giants

      Carlos Santana, 3B             2009          Indians

      Ervin Santana, RHP            2003          Braves

      Michael Saunders, OF         2007          Mariners

      Jean Segura, SS                 2012          Brewers

      Jonathan Schoop, SS         2011          Orioles

      Alfonso Soriano, OF            1999          Yankees

      Geovany Soto, C                 2007          Rangers

      Jose Tabata, OF                  2006          Pirates

      Junichi Tazawa, RHP           2009          Red Sox

      Julio Teheran, RHP             2010-11     Braves

      Alex Torres, LHP                 2010          Padres

      Yordano Ventura, RHP        2012-13     Royals

      Dayan Viciedo, OF              2009          White Sox

      Edinson Volquez, RHP        2005          Pirates

      Joey Votto, 1B                    2006-07     Reds

Tickets are still available for purchase for the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game and Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game by visiting, calling 1-888-326-3378 or visiting the Twins box office at Target Field.

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) announced today its 2014 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game "BTF Rookie Line-Up," featuring nine youth players from Minnesota-based baseball and softball organizations that have been BTF grant recipients in the past. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, BTF invited children from seven organizations to take the field during the pre-game ceremony. The children, who will be joined by the U.S. Team players, were nominated for participation by their youth organization.

This year's "BTF Rookie Line-Up" includes 10-year-old Dylan Jarvi (Bemidji Youth Baseball League); nine-year-old Travis (TJ) Logan, Jr. (Friends of St. Paul Baseball); 13-year-old Calvin James (Friends of St. Paul Baseball); 14-year-old Mary Bice (Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board); 13-year-old Peter Biros (Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board); 11-year-old Joshua Lindgren (East Metro Miracle League); 13-year-old Ben Zappa (Owatonna Huskies Bullpen Club, Inc.); 12-year-old Haakon Westermeyer (Richfield Youth Baseball); and 15-year-old Selm "Sonny" Wadena, Jr. (Boys & Girls Club of the White Earth Reservation).

"The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is pleased to celebrate our 15th anniversary during 2014 All-Star Week in Minneapolis. Minnesota has a strong network of youth baseball and softball leagues and programs, and we have enjoyed working with these seven organizations to help provide quality programs and facilities to young players across the state," said Cathy Bradley, Executive Director of the Baseball Tomorrow Fund. "We extend special thanks to the Minnesota Twins, a leader in youth baseball and softball outreach, and look forward to our continued involvement in this area for years to come."

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund, a joint initiative of Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association, promotes the game by awarding grants to youth baseball and softball programs and facilities. Since 2000, BTF has awarded more than $250,000 to Minnesota-based organizations, including Bemidji Youth Baseball League (2014; $30,000.00), Friends of St. Paul Baseball (2009; $124,590.00), Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (2003, 2009; $27,900.00), Miracle League of Minnesota (2007, 2008; $10,000.00), Owatonna Huskies Bullpen Club, Inc. (2012; $45,134.00) and Richfield Public Schools (2005; $12,936.85).

The 2014 All-Star Game will be played at Target Field on Tuesday, July 15th. The 85th All-Star Game will be televised nationally by FOX Sports; in Canada by Rogers Sportsnet and RDS; and worldwide by partners in more than 200 countries via MLB International's independent feed. ESPN Radio and ESPN Radio Deportes will provide exclusive national radio coverage of the All-Star Game. MLB Network, and SiriusXM also will provide comprehensive All-Star Week coverage. For more information, please visit

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