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Sydney Cricket Ground proves to be a fair host

SYDNEY -- During the Dodgers' first workout in Australia on Tuesday, baseballs hit into the jet stream blowing out to center field left players convinced that Sydney Cricket Ground would be a hitter's haven.

On Wednesday, the winds blew in and batting-practice drives fell harmlessly in front of the warning track, and the place suddenly was pitcher friendly.

Winds were calm Thursday night, when the Dodgers came from behind for a 4-2 win over Team Australia.

"It seems to play pretty fair," said Dodgers manager Don Mattingly. "The stadium doesn't have a third deck to block the wind. The ball gets up there [above the stadium rim] and it can carry. Obviously the wind is having a big effect.

"Hanley [Ramirez] hit a ball last night that didn't get up [and was caught]. Their guy hit one to right that didn't go. It seems pretty fair."

Yasiel Puig's home run was a towering shot to left field.

Ken Gurnick is a reporter for
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