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Worth noting

• From April 20 through April 28, over the course of eight games, the top three batters in the Rangers' batting order had a slash line of .169/.303/.258. That includes two leadoff hitters, Shin-Soo Choo (two starts) and Michael Choice (seven games, six starts); Elvis Andrus at the No. 2 hole in all eight games; and at the third spot, a combination of Alex Rios (four games), Adrian Beltre (one game) and Prince Fielder (three games). Andrus hit .100 (3-for-30) during that timeframe.

• Manager Ron Washington challenged two calls Monday night and saw another call overturned in his favor by a crew chief's review. Tuesday, he again said he has been pleased with the instant replay system thus far. He also shed some light on the process, saying that umpires have been "willing" and "relaxed" about taking a second look at plays.

He expounded on the tactic that many managers have adopted: running out to talk to an umpire, then looking back into the dugout for a signal on whether the play should be challenged: "They say, 'Wash, I think I got him,' I say, 'Well, I'm not so sure about that,'" Washington said. "And they say, 'Well, let's have a minute and see what your boy [bench coach Tim Bogar] says over there.' One time when [Bogar] said that he made the right call, I said, 'You're pretty good at your job -- I'm going to go on in.'"

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