Who is the most deserving All-Star on every team?

June 7th, 2023

Read our story on the balloting format, which includes two phases of fan voting to determine the All-Star starters.

The All-Star Ballots are out! One of the nicest things about the MLB All-Star Game is that every team, no matter how their season is going, gets at least one representative.

They may not be a starter. They may not have made the team if they’d been surrounded by stars on their own team. They might be on a team that’s having a rough season. But they still get to represent their team, their city and their fans. There is something special about that. You will always see your team’s logo out there.

But on which guy? Today we take a look at the player on each team who is most deserving of your All-Star vote. Because everybody gets somebody.


Blue Jays: , SS

Vlad Jr. is the big name, Matt Chapman had some early MVP buzz, and even Kevin Kiermaier (who has never made an All-Star Game, by the way) has been opening some eyes. But Bichette has been the best hitter, and the best overall player, on this team so far. He is well on his way to leading the AL in hits for the third straight year.

Orioles: , C

At last, the Orioles have many, many candidates. Their fans sure have been waiting a long time to get to say that. But Rutschman is the center of everything for this team, a guy Orioles fans have been waiting years to see, and one who hasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

Rays: Wander Franco, SS

The Rays certainly aren’t short on candidates themselves, but Franco -- who felt like a disappointment last year but wasn’t -- has ascended to the short list of MVP candidates. We’ve been waiting for the next (maybe first?) big Tampa Bay superstar. We’ve found him.

Red Sox: , OF

Remember when we were worried about Yoshida in the season’s first week? He now looks like maybe the best free-agent signing of this whole offseason.

Yankees: , OF

You know what’s scary? Some of his peripheral numbers this year are better than they were last year.


Guardians: José Ramírez, 3B

This season’s numbers for Ramírez -- who, we’ve decided, really needs a nickname; we’d all talk a lot differently, or at least a lot more, about Ramírez if he had a nickname -- are a little bit down from his career averages. He’s still a terrific player and by far the best position player on this team.

Royals: , C

Perez remains not just the last real link between that 2015 championship Royals team and today ... he remains the best hitter on this team. Eventually Bobby Witt Jr. is probably going to take that spot. But not yet.

Tigers: , OF

This would have been the perfect spot for Riley Greene -- or, if the AL roster needed a pitcher, Eduardo Rodriguez -- but now they’re both hurt. Baddoo would be a really fun player to cheer for in the All-Star Game.

Twins: , DH

Buxton was leading the Twins in games played but just went on the injured list on Tuesday. Hopefully it won't be a long stint, because he deserves your All-Star vote.

White Sox: , OF

Robert has been bothered by injuries for so long that we forget he’s still just 25. This is what happens when he isn’t injured.


Angels: , OF

Obviously, you can’t go wrong with Trout or Shohei Ohtani. But Ohtani is a lock as a pitcher or hitter. And Trout could attempt to become the first player to win three All-Star MVPs.

Astros: , OF

It’s a little surprising to see him listed as an outfielder, but his bat is impossible to ignore. Is he going to be one of the best hitters in the Majors for ... the next decade? At least?

Athletics: , DH

As fun as it might be to watch Esteury Ruiz running rampant in the All-Star Game, Rooker would be maybe the greatest story in the game and, as a reminder, he is still crushing the ball.

Mariners: Julio Rodríguez, OF

How could you not have him in the starting lineup in his home ballpark?

Rangers: , 2B

He’s forever one of the most underrated players in baseball, and he’s the best player on a first-place team.


Braves: , OF

He’s basically lapping the field in the NL MVP race right now -- for the team with a healthy lead in the NL East standings. To see him at full health in one of the game’s best showcases would be a gift.

Marlins: , 2B

Won’t it be nice to hear the announcers talk about the possibility of a .400 hitter? Don’t you miss when we used to talk about that all the time?

Mets: , 1B

He’s on pace to break the Mets’ all-time home run record of 53, held by ... Pete Alonso.

Nationals: , OF

There isn’t an obvious pick here, but Thomas is leading the team in homers and slugging. He’s been a nice pickup for the Nats, who acquired him from the Cardinals for Jon Lester at the 2021 Trade Deadline.

Phillies: , DH

If he’s gonna come back from Tommy John surgery this fast, doesn’t he have to be in the All-Star Game?


Brewers: , C

His brother has had all sorts of trouble this season, but William -- whom the Brewers sort of sneaked in to acquire in the first place -- looks like he is in position to make his second All-Star Game in a row.

Cardinals: , 2B

You could go with Paul Goldschmidt (the NL MVP from last year) or Nolan Arenado (the third-place finisher from last year), but the best hitter on the Cardinals has been Gorman, who sure looks like a guy who’s gonna hit 40 homers someday.

Cubs: , SS

He has slumped a little bit lately, but on the whole, he has made the Cubs look very wise for making him the centerpiece of their offseason plans.

Pirates: , DH

Seeing McCutchen in an All-Star Pirates jersey would be exciting enough, but it’s even better knowing he has very much earned it.

Reds: TJ Friedl, OF

You don’t surprise like the Reds (moderately) have so far without some guys stepping up, and Friedl, though he is currently on the IL, is Exhibit A, batting well over .300.


D-backs: , OF

This will be the first of many, many All-Star appearances for Carroll, who has his team off to one of its best starts in years.

Dodgers: , OF

Freddie Freeman is obviously another great choice here, but hey, Betts, as we’ve learned this year, is willing to play anywhere!

Giants: , 3B

Is there a more “Giants figuring out a guy who fell short elsewhere” example this year than Davis? Of course he’s having his career year in San Francisco, at 30.

Padres: , OF

The Padres haven't lived up to expectations so far, but Soto is having the season for them they wanted from him last year. It still feels like there’s plenty of room to grow -- for him and the team.

Rockies: , C

A catcher batting over .300? Yes, please.