Legends Landing

Legends Landing

Located in Sections U & V, the Legends Landing provides a great view of both the diamond and the Minneapolis skyline, plus all-inclusive food and beverage at every game.

Select the plan for you!

Select the plan that fits YOUR schedule:

  • Flex 80, Flex 40 or Flex 20. Choose the number of vouchers you prefer and mix and match them throughout the season.*
  • Enjoy the same great seats at every game with a traditional 20 game, 40 game or Full Season Ticket Package.

*Some restrictions apply

Limitless Food & Beverage

Limitless Food & Beverage is INCLUDED at every game!

Simply present your ticket at the concession stand located behind the Legends Landing to receive unlimited* ballpark fare, including hot dogs, burgers, chicken tenders, popcorn, pop, water, juice and milk.

*A limit of two “hot items” per person, per concession stand visit

Package Price
Full Season $3,402
40 Game $1,720
20 Game $880
Flex 80 $3,520
Flex 40 $1,800
Flex 20 $920