Diverse Business Partners Program

Mission Statement

To provide significant opportunities to minority and women-owned businesses that are capable of providing the Chicago White Sox and its associated companies with commodities and services through our competitive bid process. This program is committed to aggressively seeking qualified vendors who desire to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with the Chicago White Sox.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies a business as minority-owned?
A business which is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by one or more minority individuals.

What qualifies a business as woman-owned?
A business which is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by one or more non-minority woman.

What is certification?
Certification is a process of verifying the status of vendors who participate in procurement programs designed to foster opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses. It is the means by which program initiatives are able to confirm that their efforts are benefitted by credible minority and women entrepreneurs. There are a number of certifying agencies which include Regional Purchasing and Supplier Development Councils as well as Federal, State and local Government agencies.

Does certification ensure that I will be able to do businesses with the Chicago White Sox?
No. The Diverse Partnership Program helps companies to be considered for potential business with the Chicago White Sox. However, it does not guarantee they will obtain that business.

What criteria do you use when selecting a supplier?
The criteria we use to select minority of women-owned businesses are the same we use to select majority suppliers. This includes ability to offer a product or service of high quality that is competitively priced and comes with an assurance of excellent service.

What is the initial step in becoming a Chicago White Sox supplier?
Complete and submit the supplier profile questionnaire below along with any additional information describing your company. Also, companies can call Michael Spidale, Director of Purchasing at 312-674-5222 to discuss company's capabilities and potential bid opportunities.