A 31-member video production crew puts on an entertainment show for all fans in the stadium while also showing player statistical data that is updated with every pitch.

DodgerVision Includes 2 video screens, multiple LED screens, TVs around the stadium and a sound system.

The main DodgerVision screens are the highest pixel density screens in MLB at 10mm and are in a hexagon shape, which is the original shape of the scoreboards installed in 1962 when the park opened.

The screens measure 77 1/2 feet wide in the middle and 38 feet high in the middle and consist of over 2.3 million pixels on each screen. The screens are driven by ANC's vSoft and associated software.

Unique to Dodger Stadium, the 2 main screens show a combination of imagery, sometimes mirroring each other, but usually showing different content on each screen, with the right field screen being the main scoreboard during game play.

Below each main screen is a 69 x 6 foot line-score board, also featuring 10mm LEDs.

Control Room

Outfield Wall Boards

LED Ribbon Board