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About The Collaboration

Following their performance at the 2016 Budweiser MLB All-Star Concert, part of the Pepsi Music Series, NEEDTOBREATHE has teamed up with Major League Baseball in a new way. The band joined pitcher Jake Peavy at his Southern Falls Plantation to record a cover of their song "HARD LOVE" with the Cy Young Award winner.

While at the Plantation the band and Peavy arranged and recorded an acoustic rendition of the band's song "HARD LOVE". Reflecting upon the experience Peavy said "music does something to me that is hard to explain. To do that at our place here at Southern Falls, with such great friends, such a great message, pretty relevant for the time in our lives that we've just come through, I loved every bit of it". "Its just fun to do something different" noted Josh, from NEEDTOBREATHE, about the experience of adding Peavy to the band. "We all play music together all the time, so I know what note he's going to play before he actually plays it. So its fun to play with someone different, someone who comes in and brings their own interpretation of a song, or the way they play, and so it just keeps everybody on their toes". and MLB Network were on hand for a behind-the-scenes look at the rehearsal and recording sessions.


Building off the impassioned, anthemic alt-rock dynamic that's come to define NEEDTOBREATHE, brothers Bear Rinehart (vocals, guitar) and Bo Rinehart (guitar, vocals), bassist/vocalist Seth Bolt, and keyboardist/vocalist Josh Lovelace brought their sixth studio album H A R D L O V E to life by delving into the world of electronic effects and instrumentation. The result: a sublimely crafted and expansive sound that still reflects the larger-than-life intensity of NEEDTOBREATHE's unforgettable live show. The album radiates an unbridled energy that's got much to do with the pure joy that powered the making of the album.

About Jake Peavy

Jake Peavy's storied baseball career includes three MLB All-Star appearances, the Cy Young Award, and two World Series Championships. His Southern Falls Plantation pays homage to his career with a replica of Fenway Park and the World War II duck boat he road in during the 2013 World Series parade. During his tenure with the Padres, Peavy started playing guitar and has gone on to perform at several benefit concerts. His love of music is also a part of Southern Falls Plantation as some of its many features include a music room as well as two music venues.