Adjusted Earned Run Average (ERA+)

By editorial staff


ERA+ takes a player's ERA and normalizes it across the entire league. It accounts for external factors like ballparks and opponents. It then adjusts, so a score of 100 is league average, and 150 is 50 percent better than the league average.

For example, Mariano Rivera's 2.21 career ERA was 105 percent better than the MLB average during the time he pitched (including adjustments for park and league). That gives him a 205 career ERA+ (the best all-time).

The formula

League ERA, adjusted for park factors x 100 / ERA.

Why it's useful

ERA is the most universally accepted tool for measuring the performance of a pitcher. But ERA+ attempts to level the playing field for all pitchers by adjusting for the impact their home ballpark had on their performance.

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