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Front Office Directory

Progressive Field
2401 Ontario Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
216.420.HITS (4487)

Executive Office

Name Title
Lawrence J. Dolan Owner
Paul J. Dolan Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
Chris Antonetti President, Baseball Operations
Brian Barren President, Business Operations
Mike Chernoff General Manager
Carter Hawkins Assistant General Manager
Matt Forman Assistant General Manager
Sky Andrecheck Assistant General Manager
Dennis Lehman Executive Vice President, Business
Bob DiBiasio Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
Alex King Senior Vice President, Marketing & Strategy
Neil Weiss Senior Vice President, Technology & Chief Information Officer
Curtis Danburg Vice President, Communications & Community Impact
Ted Baugh Vice President, CPPH
Eric Binder Vice President, Baseball Operations
Brad Grant Vice President, Baseball Operations, Strategy & Administration
Jay Hennessey Vice President, Baseball Learning & Development
James Harris Vice President, Player Development
Paul Gillispie Vice President, International Scouting
Victor Wang Vice President, Player Acquisitions
Rich Dorffer Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer
Jim Folk Vice President, Ballpark Operations
Sara Lehrke Vice President, Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer
Tim Salcer Vice President, Sales & Service
Kurt Schloss Vice President, Concessions
Nicky Schmidt Vice President, Brand, Strategy & Analytics
Lonnie Soloff Vice President, Medical Services
Joe Znidarsic Vice President, General Counsel
Kim Scott Executive Assistant, Business Operations

Baseball Operations

Name Title
John Mirabelli Senior Director, Scouting Operations
Mike Seghi Director, Team Travel
Wendy Hoppel Director, Baseball Administration
Keith Woolner Principal Data Scientist, Baseball Analytics
Scott Barnsby Director, Amateur Scouting
Josh Gibson Director, Learning and Development
Alex Merberg Director, Baseball Operations
Alex Eckelman Director of Hitting Development
Richard Conway Assistant Director, International Scouting
Chris Gale Assistant Director, International Scouting
Sam Giller Assistant Director, Baseball Operations
Rob Cerfolio Assistant Director, Player Development
Clint Longenecker Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting
Kevin Tenenbaum Assistant Director, Baseball Research and Development
Anna Bolton Education and Language Coordinator
Dan Budreika Coordinator, Professional Scouting
Will Clements Assistant, Amateur Scouting
Nate Freiman Assistant, Baseball Operations
Zach Morton Assistant, Baseball Operations
Steve Lubratich Special Assistant to President of Baseball Operations/ GM
Dave Malpass Special Assistant to President of Baseball Operations/ GM
Don Poplin Special Assistant to President of Baseball Operations/ GM
Tom Wiedenbauer Special Assistant to President of Baseball Operations/ GM
Tim Belcher Special Assistant to Baseball Operations
Travis Hafner Special Assistant to Baseball Operations
Travis Fryman Special Assistant to Player Development, Infield
Dave Wallace Special Assistant to Player Development, Catching
Johnny Goryl Advisor, Player Development
Minnie Mendoza Advisor, Latin American Operations
Tim Tolman Advisor, Player Development
Marlene Lehky Executive Administrative Assistant
Nilda Taffanelli Administrative Assistant, Player Development
Dr. Charles Maher Sports & Performance Psychologist; Sr. Director, Personal & Org. Performance
Ceci Clark Performance Coach
Brian Miles Performance Coach
Oscar Gutierrez Ramirez Performance Coach
Kai Correa Short-Season Defensive Coordinator
Kyle Burris Analyst, Baseball Research & Development

Ballpark Operations

Name Title
Jerry Crabb Senior Director, Ballpark Operations
Seth Cooper Senior Director, Facility Operations
Jonathan Wilham Senior Director, Ballpark Safety
Brandon Koehnke Head Groundskeeper
Ron Miller Director, Facility Maintenance
Willie Jenks Visiting Clubhouse Manager
Steve Walters Manager, Ballpark Operations
Dave Bonacci Manager, Safety, Policy & Training
Andrew Finn Manager, Event Security Operations
Rosalie Morrison Manager, Facility Operations
Tyler Cochran Manager, Ballpark Operations
Travis Barnhill Assistant Groundskeeper
Rob Banaga Maintenance/Custodial
Nikola Cekic Maintenance/Custodial
Gregory Darden Maintenance/Custodial
Ryan Emch Maintenance/Custodial
Mike Hoagland Maintenance/Custodial
Mohamed Lamsettef Maintenance/Custodial
Rose Pendleton Maintenance/Custodial
Ed Perez Maintenance/Custodial
James Coyne Security
Sue Lasecki Security
Matt Mensurati Security
Mark Moore Security
Tom Simmons Security
Jason Springman Security

Brand Management

Name Title
Jason Wiedemann Director, Brand Management
Anne Madzelan Senior Manager, Advertising & Promotions
Christopher Hart Innovation Manager
Taylor Supeck Analyst, Consumer Research & Insights
Nicole Studzenski Analyst, Brand & Innovation
Dan Ringen Analyst, Innovation

Business Operations

Name Title
Dru Kosik Executive Assistant, Ownership & Business Operations


Name Title
Bart Swain Director, Baseball Information & Player Relations
Court Berry-Tripp Director, Communications & Player Relations
Austin Controulis Manager, Communications
Dan Mendlik Team Photographer
Jeremy Feador Coordinator, Communications & Team Historian
Megan Ganser Coordinator, Player Engagement & Family Relations
Olivia Lavelle Coordinator, Digital Products
Tom Hamilton Play-by-Play Announcer
Jim Rosenhaus Play-by-Play Announcer

Community Impact

Name Title
Rebecca Kodysh Executive Director, Community Impact
Nate Janoso Manager, Alumni Relations
Matt Kata Manager, Youth Baseball Development
Anthony Eder Program Coordinator, Community Impact


Name Title
Karen Fox Director, Merchandising
Caitlyn Burkart Director of Events
Iris Delgado Senior Merchandise Buyer
Kristen Jufko Senior Buyer, Merchandising
Bette Prendergast Purchasing Coordinator
Nancy Schneider Retail/Concession Manager
Brian Tillinger Progressive Field Manager
Michael Rohrbach Manager, Concessions
Adreana Hales Assistant Team Shop Manager
Kris Roukey Coordinator, Game-Used Merchandise
Robert Avila Retail Buyer
Aaron Boone Manager, Merchandise Distribution Center
Scott Lilly Assistant Manager, Merchandise Distribution Center
Kassie Abfall YRPT Buying Assistant, Merchandising
Katie Larsen YRPT Buying Assistant, Merchandising
Dylan Fields Assistant Manager in Training, Merchandise Distribution Center
Meghan Miles Assistant Manager of Ballpark Retail

Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality

Name Title
Dominic Polito Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Kevin Murphy Director, Corporate Partnership & Premium Hospitality
Bryan Hoffart Senior Sales Manager, Corporate Partnership & Premium Hospitality
Penny Forster Manager, Corporate & Community Partnerships
Albert Powell Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Joe Sullivan Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Bridget Sullivan Service Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Julie Weaver Senior Service Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Raphael Collins Senior Service Representative, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Kristie Prendergast Senior Service Representative, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Patrick DiBiasio Service Representative, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Kimberly Gordon Service Representative, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Matt Johnson Senior Business Analyst, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality
Michael Daugherty Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Hospitality


Name Title
Erica Chambers Controller
Robert Hoekstra Assistant Director, Planning, Analysis & Reporting
Karen Menzing Manager, Accounting
Mary Forkapa Manager, Payroll Accounting & Services
Diane Turner Concessions Accounting Manager
Kim Haist Senior Staff Accountant
Gregory Hubay Senior Accountant, Payroll
Amy Richards Senior Staff Accountant
Nicole Roth Concessions Staff Accountant
Francine Sommers Coordinator, Risk Management & Administration
Regina Simmons Payroll Administrator
Donna Stasiowski Administrator, Workers Compensation
Samantha Filar Accounts Payable Administrator
Eric Gebeke Analyst, Finance

Goodyear Operations

Name Title
Fletcher Wilkes Manager, Home Clubhouse
Justin Rhoads Assistant Manager, Home Clubhouse
Jared Jones Goodyear Facility Manager
Miriam Thacker Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

Name Title
Jennifer Gibson Director, Human Resources Operations
Mailynh Vu Nguyen Director, Talent Acquisition
Nate Daymut Manager, Talent Development
Andrea Jirousek Coordinator, Benefits
Colleen Lynch Coordinator, Talent Acquisition
Brianna Brown HR Assistant
Sydney Merz Trainer, Business Operations

Information Systems

Name Title
Matt Tagliaferri Senior Director, Software Development & Support
Whitney Kuszmaul Senior Director, Infrastructure & Operations
Kevin Dean Manager, End User Support
Al Fisher Senior Network Support Analyst
Jeff Coyle Network Support Analyst
Plamen Kouzov Manager, Business Systems
Matt Peters Manager, Baseball Back End Development
Nick Korosi Infrastructure & Security Architect
Joan Fortney Programmer Analyst
Michael Halverson Programmer Analyst
Corey Brunstetter Full Stack Developer, Baseball Systems
Don Crislip Manager, Baseball Front End Development
Andrew Hickerson Network Analyst
Michael Ramirez AV Engineer
Louis Garcia End User Support Specialist
Mathew Smith End User Support Specialist
Kyle Weikart Game Day Engineer
Philip Baker IS Fellow

Live Experience

Name Title
Kelly Dredge Director, Live Experience
Nick Gambone Assistant Director, Creative Production
Tara Titcombe Assistant Director, Content & Entertainment Strategy
Jamie Schnarrs Manager, Live Experience
Mike Donelan Manager, 3D Animation
Nikki Sim Project Manager, Live Experience
Dan Kilday Mascot Coordinator
Ashley Truchan Coordinator, Creative Productions
Tracy Ng Coordinator, Live Events & Experiences
Steve Asbury Video Producer & 2D Animator
Mike Zawistowski Content Producer & Designer

Service Excellence

Name Title
Anne Keegan Osborne Director, Service Excellence
Jesse Rathner Coordinator, Service Excellence

Strategy And Business Analytics

Name Title
Christy Corfias Assistant Director, Strategy & Business Analytics
Tye Brown Strategy Manager
Patrick Fischetti Manager, Business Analytics
Jack Dolan Strategy Analyst
Brady Brown Analyst, Strategy
Urs Fischer Analyst, Business Analytics
Jack Eckman Strategy Fellow

Ticket Sales & Service

Name Title
Angelica Jefferson Senior Director, Fan Services
Jeff Wallace Director, Ticket Sales
Jeff Stocker Assistant Director of Ticket Sales
Jackie Plys Assistant Director of Ticket Sales
John Bowers Manager, Ticket Partnerships
Estee Arend Manager, Fan Services
Hank Winters Manager, Ticket Sales
Ashley Madison Senior Account Executive
Kori Hammond Account Executive
Anna Powell Account Executive
Hurst Talbott Account Executive
Courtney Fallon Manager, Events & Experiences
Kassi Schlund Service Representative, Events & Experiences
Bridgette Seip Events and Experiences Service Representative
Becky Emery Manager, Client Service Specialists
Diana Foster Senior Client Service Specialist
Stephanie Farner Coordinator, Fan Services
Karlee Davidson Coordinator, Fan Services
Brent Cartwright Coordinator, Season Service
Mike Andelbradt Coordinator, Season Service
Kevin Kiss Client Service Specialist
Graham Johnston Client Service Specialist
Matt St. John Client Service Specialist
Jack Rinderle Client Service Specialist
Larissa Czupik Client Service Specialist
Kady Gies Client Service Specialist
Kelsey Watroba Group Service Representative
Nicholas Roth Account Specialist
Ryan Hovanec Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Jon Janoviak Account Executive, Ticket Sales

Ticket Services

Name Title
Matt Coppo Director, Ticket Operations
Eric Fronczek Ticket Office Manager
Seth Fuller Ticket Operations Manager
Paige Selle Coordinator, Ticket Services
Cathy Pesta Ticket Office Processor

Athletic Training and Strength & Conditioning

Name Title
James Quinlan Head Athletic Trainer
Jeff Desjardins Assistant Athletic Trainer
Chad Wolfe Assistant Athletic Trainer
Joe Kessler Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Nelson Perez Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jim Mehalik Physical Therapy Consultant
Todd Kubacki Performance Coordinator


Name Title
Tony Amato Home Clubhouse/Equipment Manager
Brandon Biller Assistant Home Clubhouse /Equipment Manager
Bob Chester Director, Video Operations
Frank Velotta Assistant Director, Video Operations
Dan Cohen Travel Video Assistant
Anthony Medaglia Minor League Video Coordinator
Francisco Flores Minor League Video Coordinator
Jeremy Schroder Culinary Nutrition Specialist

Medical Staff

Name Title
Mark Schickendantz, M.D. Head Team Physician
Dr. Charles Maher Director, Employee Assistance Program
Ronald Golovan, M.D. Head Team Internist and Assistant Director, Employee Assistance Program
Jason Genin, D.O. Team Physician
K.V. Gopal, M.D. Team Physician
Tom Graham, M.D. Team Physician
Kim Stearns, M.D. Team Physician
Thomas Waters, M.D. Team Physician
Jim Williams, M.D. Team Physician

Medical Staff Consultants

Name Title
Bath Mignano, LMT, PA-C Soft Tissue/ Manual Therapist
Stephen D. Cooke, D.D.S. Dentist
Paul Hazen, M.D. Dermatologist
Nilesh Shah, M.D. Team Physician (AA Akron)
Ray Pongonis, M.D. Team Physician (AAA Columbus)
Grant Jones, M.D. Team Physician (AAA Columbus)
Mike Jonesco, M.D. Team Physician (AAA Columbus)
Nilesh Shah, M.D Team Physician (AA Akron)
Ian Smithson, M.D. Team Physician (A Lynchburg)
Velyn Wu, M.D. Team Physician (A Lynchburg)
Michael Ciletti, M.D. Team Physician (A Mahoning Valley)
Rick Parker, M.D. Team Physician
Salvatore Fragiamore, M.D Consulting Physicians
Jamie Starkey Integrative Medicine
Don Franklin, D.C. Chiropractor

Delaware North Sportservice

Name Title
Marcelle Nance General Manager
Thomas Horvath Assistant General Manager
Lisa Wheller Cole Kaulg Club/PDR Manager
Marie Eslick Human Resources Manager
Kate Meyer Human Resource Generalist
Mark Garramone Controller
Chef Joshua Ingraham Executive Chef
Chef Paul Deiana-Molner Executive Sous Chef
Chef Ryan Cannon Executive Sous Chef
Chef William Conn Sous Chef
Chef Latisha Griffith Sous Chef
Scott Barlage Accounting Manager
Brian Bucksar IT Manager
Joel Work Assistant Suites Manager
Rebecca Harris Terrace Club Manager
Dorothy Horvath Vending Manager
Shelbie Johnson Catering Manager
Angelica Green Suites Manager
Scott Sopata Commissary Manager
Chris Miller Manager, Food & Beverage.
Jenna Stierhoff Assistant Commissary Manager
Sansophia Blackwood Assistant Concessions Manager
Danielle Paige Assistant Concessions Manager
Wes Burden Assistant Concessions Manager