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Marlins Park Technology

At Marlins Park technology was a major component when the park was designed. We built a state-of-the-art infrastructure that would be flexible to support the immediate needs of the park but provide scalability as technology needs increase. We have the ability to extend technology to any part of the park for any type of event.

Major Services Available

Free Guest Wi-Fi for the entire ballpark - We deployed 225 APs in the park. We provide simultaneous connectivity for roughly 9,500 guests. We can also provide dedicated SSIDs for your event. We support any device using 802.11ABGN (2.4GHz and 5GHz.

IPTV - We use an IPTV (internet protocol TV) system which allows us to control the content of the broadcast via a central computer system located in the Control Room. All 800+ TVs are connected to a local Digital Media Player which in turn is connected to the computer network infrastructure in the building. IPTV provides us with high level of content control and a greater ability to utilize the entire screen for advertising opportunities. This system gives us the power to add or change content on the fly.

Cellular service in the ballpark - We partnered with Extenet Systems to build and manage our neutral host Cellular DAS (Distributed Antenna System). With a DAS in place, our guests are assured of a great signal within the venue and Extenet works directly with the carriers to manage the use of the bandwidth to ensure our guests are pleased with the service. We support 5 carriers, Verizon, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, AT&T and Sprint.

Data/Voice Services - We can provide you with any combination of Data/ Voice services such as dedicated public IP addresses, internet bandwidth from 10MB to 200MB, DHCP services, VLAN security, IP broadcast and analog service.

A/V Technology services - We can provide projectors, computers and screens for presentations. We also have mobile Video-Conferencing systems (LifeSize) for use anywhere in the park.

Expertise - We can provide you with the technical expertise to deploy any communications design necessary for your event. We Have a complete technical staff to satisfy any project.