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Student Pass - Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Marlins Student Pass

Q: What is the Marlins Student Pass?
A: Marlins Student Pass allows local college students to sign up for access to tickets to select Miami Marlins home games. Once you sign up for the Marlins Student Pass at, you will be alerted with a text message when student tickets become available. At times, the Marlins Student Pass may provide you with "standing room only" access to the ballpark, but you will always be presented with your seating options before making a purchase. Your tickets will be delivered to you in the form of a mobile barcode through our mobile app, the MLB Ballpark app.  Download the MLB Ballpark app here.  
Q: How much are tickets through the Marlins Student Pass?
A: Tickets prices are $5 when purchasing in advance and $8 when purchasing on the day of game. Student Pass Opening Day tickets are $10. Seating locations may differ based on the game. You will see one initial location upon clicking the link in your text message and can tap to view any additional options for that game if they are available.
Q: How will I know if I can buy passes to a game?
A: When the Passes become available we'll send you a text with a link to purchase. This will typically happen the day before each homestand begins, but may happen a few hours before first pitch.

Q: How many passes can I buy?
A: The maximum allowed per student is four (4) tickets.
Q: Am I guaranteed to get a seat for the game?
A: It is possible that some games you will be assigned "standing room only" access to the ballpark, but you will be able to make a decision before purchasing the tickets.
Q: If I buy a pair of passes, how can my guest get his/her pass?
A: All passes will be delivered to the phone that purchases the pass. We recommend that groups show up together to enter the ballpark using the mobile device the tickets are delivered to.
Q: I received a text about buying passes, but I can't go to the game. What do I do?
A: No problem! We will continue to offer you passes for future games when available.

Digital Pass Technology

Q: Which phones are supported?
A: Marlins Student Pass is supported by iPhone and Android phones.

Q: Can I use an iPod touch?
A: No, we only support iPhone and Android phones, not iPods.

Q: Can I purchase the Marlins Student Pass if I don't have an iPhone or Android phone?
A:  Not at this time. You will be unable to enter Marlins Park.

Pass Seat Locations

Q: Where can I expect to sit each game?
A: Seating assignments will vary each game based on available inventory. Depending on the game, you may be able to select different seating options at different price points.

Q: What if I lose the text message with a link to my pass?
A: Simply go to Marlins Student Pass in the MLB Ballpark app to access your ticket. Be sure to log in with the same email address and phone number you used to purchase your ticket.

Entering Marlins Park

Q: How do I get into Marlins Park with my pass?
A: You will have a digital barcode that you can use to scan for admission into Marlins Park. You can access this barcode through the link we text you, or by going to Marlins Student Pass in the MLB Ballpark app. 

Q: How do my guests scan in?
A: All barcodes will be on one device. If you have a group of two, for example, both barcodes will be scanned from one device. You and your guest(s) will need to arrive at Marlins Park together.