Q&A: Catching up with Faucher

May 23rd, 2024

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Marlins right-hander was part of the first trade that president of baseball operations Peter Bendix finalized with his new organization, but did you know the 28-year-old reliever shares the same high school alma mater (Hilltop in Chula Vista, Calif.) as former Marlins first baseman Mike Jacobs?

Faucher might have been slowed down by a right shoulder impingement in Spring Training, but he has become one of the club’s more reliable relievers since being recalled from Triple-A Jacksonville.

What better way for fans to get to know the newcomers both on and off the field than through a Q&A? In this installment, we catch up with Faucher.

MLB.com: Do you have a fun fact or hobby?

Faucher: My dad owned a glass company when I grew up, so I used to go and install windows and shower closures and any kind of glass with him as a teen. That's kind of my second area of work.

MLB.com: Do you still do that or does your dad ask you to help out?

Faucher: Every once in a while if I'm bored I will, but I don't really do it too much because of injury.

MLB.com: You were part of a Nelson Cruz trade [in 2021]. What was that like?

Faucher: It was surprising. I was shagging batting practice and I get called in to talk to our manager, and it was the first year after COVID, so I thought I might have done something to break the rules of COVID. And then sure enough, I go over and he just told me I was part of the trade and I had to pack up and fly out the next day to Montgomery, Alabama.

MLB.com: I feel like I ask this every year, but what is it about Tampa Bay that finds these diamonds in the rough?

Faucher: I think for them, they help out tremendously just by simplifying the game, kind of breaking it down and seeing the obvious that some people don't see right away. To them, it's obvious, and then you kind of overthink things. But with them, they figure it out and they kind of just simplify it and make it easier to see.

MLB.com: You were born in the 1990s, and the trends are coming back. What’s one you wish would?

Faucher: I was only in the ‘90s for five years, so some of the trends I don't really know too much about. I guess the things I remember are the cartoons back from the ‘90s. Other than that, I have an older sister who's 12 years older than me, but I don't really remember any of the styles or anything that were around at that time.

MLB.com: What cartoons?

Faucher: Nickelodeon back in the day. “Rugrats” was my favorite. “CatDog.” Those are definitely two I remember the most. I wouldn't mind my kid growing up and being able to watch those. That'd be cool.

MLB.com: For fans that aren't familiar with your style of pitching, what can they expect?

Faucher: Just going out trying to go after guys and still trying to prove myself at this point, just trying to prove myself and put myself out there.