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10 Fake Things About Baseball That Are Not True

1. Baseball was originally called ‘ball’ until other ball-centric sports were invented.

2. It’s technically illegal for fans to eat hot dogs during baseball games, but the cops don’t enforce that law because they know it's a dumb law.

3. Baseball teams traditionally celebrate with a “champagne shower” in the locker room after clinching a division title. During the champagne shower players dance and celebrate while spraying each other with champagne and generally monkeying around with their teammates and the coaching staff as a reward for a hard won championship and all baseball players are named Rick.

4. Bunts were invented in 1923 to appeal to female fans.

5. It is actually easier to throw faster pitches if you throw with both hands in an over-the-head motion but no pitchers do it because they don’t want to look silly in front of their wives.

6. Umpires were never actually invited to be a part of baseball games. They just started showing up sometime in the late 1970’s and no one had the heart to tell them to go home.

7. The most popular part of baseball in Germany is the relievers warming up in the bullpen. They *LIEBE* it!

8. If a pitcher throws a perfect game, it is customary for the pitcher to take the catcher out to a nice dinner, buy him flowers and get him home at a respectable hour, no funny business.

9. The Baseball Hall of Fame is located below sea level so that the bronze busts stay naturally moist and slippery to prevent thieving.

10. It is considered good manners for a team’s manager to give a Christmas gift to his players on June 25, since Christmas isn’t during the baseball season and the team doesn’t get to celebrate together.

Those are 10 fake things about baseball that are not true. Do you know any fake facts about baseball that are not true? Leave them in the comments.