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$465,000 raised for charity through Gillette Home Run Derby

Yoenis Cespedes won the Gillette Home Run Derby tonight, but all 10 participants teamed up to raise money for charity. With 82 total home runs hit during the competition (including 11 FlexBall home runs worth $10,000 each), Gillette and Major League Baseball combined to raise $465,000 to charity. The funds will be distributed as follows:

  • $50,000 to Cespedes' charity of choice for winning the competition
  • $95,000 to Minneapolis Boys & Girls Club programs and MLB "Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities" (RBI) program
  • $20,000 to the charities of choice for each of Cespedes' Derby teammates
  • $25,000 to NL Captain Troy Tulowitzki's charity of choice
  • $25,000 to AL Captain Jose Bautista's charity of choice
  • $8,000 to the charities of choice for each of the NL participants
  • The balance of the funds raised will be split between RBI & Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Nearly $4 million has been raised for charity over the past 11 years, including an all-time high of $615,000 donated in 2012.