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A Look Back at Memorable 2012 MLBFC Submission Videos

With applications now being accepted for MLB Fan Cave 2013, we decided to look back at some of our favorite video submissions from last year's campaign period. For current applicants, let this be a baseline for the types of creative campaign videos that will get our attention. We are excited to see you set the bar even higher over the coming weeks.

Worth mentioning, these videos were submitted by four of the nine Opening Day 2012 MLB Fan Cave Dwellers: Ricardo Marquez, Gordon Mack, Ricky Mast and Kyle Thompson.

Ricardo Marquez:

One of the best ways to stand out among the competition: receive an endorsement from a current or former MLB player. Just ask Ricardo, one of the final three Cave Dwellers in 2012 who initially caught our eye by securing campaign support from MLB legend Tony Gwynn and Washington Nationals young ace Stephen Strasburg, among others.

Ricky Mast:

Ricky's video stood out for a few reasons. It helped further establish his clever "Put a Brave in the Cave" social media campaign and showcased his musical talents, which were put to use during the season.

Gordon Mack:

Gordon also used music to make his case, impressing us with his rap video submission. Not to mention, he was the only applicant who could balance large objects on his chin.

Kyle Thompson:

Kyle's creativity shined through in his application video, as he spoofed the popular SNL short "Like a Boss" with his "In the Fan Cave." He then proceeded to accomplish every activity he set out to do in the Fan Cave, even producing a follow-up video.

Now that you've seen some of our favorite video submissions from last year, go get after it. Apply now to be a Cave Dweller and tweet us your videos using #MLBFC.