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A Q&A with the Baseball Tomorrow Fund

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund recently held a short Q&A chat session to answer questions regarding their grant process.

Baseball Tomorrow Fund: Thank you for joining us for the BTF Q&A Chat Session! We welcome your questions about the application process. A transcript of today's chat will be available.

Q: Our project did not receive funding in the past. May we resubmit an application?

Baseball Tomorrow Fund: You are welcome to submit a new application if the proposal has changed significantly or if your are proposing a new project. Submitting the same request multiple times is not advised. All requests are evaluated based on the BTF evaluation criteria. And, all requests that meet the criteria are seriously considered. So, if your request was declined, it did not meet the criteria.

Q: How much money can we request? What is the maximum grant award?

Baseball Tomorrow Fund: BTF does not specify a maximum grant award; however, the average grant amount is approximately $40,000 at this time. Regardless of the amount requested, we require written cost estimates and supporting documentation to support the request. BTF normally awards approximately $2 million total per year. If you're just joining us, welcome to the BTF Q&A Chat Session. A transcript of today's questions and answers will be available.

Q: Our organization received a Baseball Tomorrow Fund grant in the past. May we apply again?

Baseball Tomorrow Fund: The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is not intended to be an annual source of income for any organization. Grants are intended to provide funding for incremental programming. Given that BTF awards grants all over the world, multiple grant awards to the same organization are rare. However, if a past grant recipient can sufficiently demonstrate the need for additional funding for incremental programming; the recipient may submit another application for consideration. Results of the past grant are always considered before subsequent requests are accepted.

Past applicants and recipients may also wonder if they have a profile in our new online application system. The answer to that is maybe. Generally, applicants that submitted a request providing a valid EIN in the last two years may be in our system. All past grant recipients will be in our system with a few exceptions. If you are a past recipient and cannot login with your EIN, please notifiy us at

Baseball Tomorrow Fund:We plan to offer this opportunity again in June. Check back for the date and time.

Baseball Tomorrow Fund: Thank you for participating in today's chat. Again, check back for the date of our next Q&A session, to be scheduled for June 2014.

Baseball Tomorrow Fund: Have a good weekend and good luck with your grant seeking!