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Adam Wainwright Pranked by Teammate

The first day in April brings with it more than just a reminder that warmer days are on its way. April 1, or April Fools’ Day, is a day for unsuspecting victims to fall prey to opportunistic pranksters. A prankster myself, I truly enjoy dodging and delivering pranks on this day more so than most others.

Apparently, Lance Berkman of the St. Louis Cardinals enjoys such things as well. It is well known that Berkman is somewhat of a light-hearted, practical joker. He even showed up to the Cardinals’ Spring Training facility in Jupiter, FL sporting a doppelganger and Aviators, which would have even made Sgt. Slaughter proud!

Yet, Berkman upped his pranking prowess to new levels Sunday during the Cards’ Spring Training matchup with the Washington Nationals. Before the beginning of the third inning, a white Chevy pickup pulled into the outfield grass as the announcer proclaimed that the vehicle would be given away to a lucky fan in attendance. As the winners were being announced, St. Louis ace Adam Wainwright came to the edge of the dugout and realized that the pearly white Silverado was actually his truck!

The truck was driven to the home dugout where the winners hopped into the bed. As the truck turned to drive away, everyone realized what had happened. Waino had been pranked by the driver of the truck: none other than Lance “The Doppelbanger” Berkman.

Wainwright made sure to escape back to the bench without giving away his reaction. As in poker, he held his poker face and didn’t reveal his Cards (Punday!). However, I doubt Waino will sit back and allow Berkman to get the last laugh. I am excited to see what this Ace has up his sleeve for retaliation (see what I did there?)