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An interview with Team Japan

An Interview With: TEAM JAPAN

Q.  What was your general impression of tonight's contest?

An Interview With: TEAM JAPAN

Q.  What was your general impression of tonight's contest?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  Today we felt we had an opportunity, but we couldn't make any runs.  That was the game.

Q.  Tell me about the second pitcher, Tanaka, who gave up a run, but I think he pitched very well.  What do you think about Tanaka's outing?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  Yes, his fastball, his velocity is ‑‑ well, although he throws fastballs, Cuba's hitters hit very good.  So the second inning, Tanaka locate all the pitches down in that way.  So that's the way he got a lot of strikeouts.  Overall, the power of Cuba is great, and so does Tanaka.  I think he got something from tonight.

Q.  This is the end of Pool A, what is your impression of the first games of the Fukuoka around?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  It's generally speaking, for the line of our offense, some of the hitters is in good condition, but some don't.  But generally speaking, all of the pitchers pitched very well.           

Q.  Now after you go to Tokyo, the first opponent of this Tokyo round is Chinese Taipei.  What is in your mind right now?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  Yes, we are going to the next chapter.  Yes, also Chinese Taipei is a tough team, so it's going to be a tough competition.

Q.  You had two base hits tonight, how do you feel about that?

SHO NAKATA:  Yes, little by little, I am in good shape day by day.  Yet, I'm not 100 percent.  I feel good.

Q.  What's the impressions of the Cubans' offense in watching as a player?

SHO NAKATA:  Like I imagine, they have the power and they have the ability and the agility and speed, and physically, they are such great athletes.  That's what I feel tonight.

Q.  Now you face against Chinese Taipei and you also play against Mr. Dai‑Kang Yang, who you played with Hokkaido Nippon‑Ham Fighters, how do you feel about it?

SHO NAKATA:  Yes, I'm watching Chinese Taipei's game last night and I'm impressed with their team.  I'm not a daily player and also I am looking forward to play against Mr. Dai‑Kang Yang, as well.

Q.  Before the game start, you told us that you have some plans to challenge.  What's the good point through this tournament game, and also what's not good point?  And also did tonight's loss affect in any way?  You have two days for the first game of the second round.

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  Yes, we are already in the tournament, so we don't have that much to talk.  it always exists in coaching meeting.  But one good thing is in a cat a, who has got a great base hit towards the opposite field, that's a good point.

Also, we knew we lost tonight, that this is it and that is that.

Q. This time is the first time you played against Cuba in the 2013 competition, and do you still think that Cuba and Japan are qualified teams to go to San Francisco?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  Yes, when you think about the Cuban lineup, they are powerful, and they have a good power, as well as they have great pitching staff.  They are a very great team.

San Francisco, yes, it's our aiming now, yes.  San Francisco is our aiming.

Q.  You put Tanaka as a second pitcher of the game, do you think Tanaka is going to be starter again or he is the bullpen pitcher, a reliever?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  Yes, tonight's result was not so bad.  So he can be a reliever, he can be a starter.