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An Interview with Twins Music Director Dan Edwards

The Milwaukee Brewers were in town and Minnesota Twins’ music director Dan Edwards had his hands full at Target Field – taking request after request for Carly Rae Jepson’s 'Call Me Maybe.' By the seventh inning, the stadium host who splits time as a radio deejay had already taken 36 requests for the song, some requests sent through his Twitter account (@TwinsTunes) and others coming from fan interaction during his time in the stadium.

Whether you are a fan of classic organ music or prefer the upbeat sounds of today’s biggest hits, everyone has to agree that music plays a huge role in the atmosphere at baseball games. Think about it: what would Wrigley Field be like without ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ during the 7th inning stretch?

I caught up with Dan to find out what it takes to be in charge of all of the music played at Major League Baseball stadium. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What is your typical day at the ballpark like?

A: For a 7:00 pm first pitch I generally arrive at 3:00 pm. I start by seeing what special things we have going on at the park that day and start mapping out what music I want to use that day. We have a full production meeting, a meal and then a little more prep time before our pregame begins. I leave about 45 minutes after the final pitch is thrown, playing music until the park is pretty clear.

Q. How do you select the music that you’ll play during the games?

A: With my background in radio, the philosophy that works is ‘always play hits.’ The most important thing to me is playing songs people know and are familiar with. When you have a captive audience of 40,000 people, you have to play the most mass appeal records, the ones most people know and like. I look at in-market sales, what songs local radio stations are playing and what builds a vibe in the park.

Q: You are also in charge of playing the players’ walk-up/mound music. What’s that like?

A: There are a couple of guys who consult with me and ask for my help with their walk up music. I customize some stuff for a few guys, but most guys just know what they want and what motivates them walking to the plate.

**Editor’s Note: Joe Mauer has had the same walk-up song – ‘What You Know’ by T.I. – since 2006 while Dan said Ben Revere has switched his walk-up song the most out of the Twins players this season.

Love a certain player’s walk-up song? Know what your song would be if you ever get called up to the big leagues? Let us know – TWEET your selections to @MLBFanCave and be sure to follow me (@LindsayGuentzel) throughout the baseball season!