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Are No Hitter Jinxes Real?

Tweet All You Want
Danny Farris

Tweet All You Want
Danny Farris

Note to Cave Dwellers: If somebody on the Angels is throwing a no-no, feel free to talk about it. Let's experience this together. Let's laugh and get nervous together. No need to be awkwardly quiet. I'm firmly on the "jinxes mean nothing" side. I say this being a fairly superstitious guy. If something is going well for me, I don't like changing my process. However, it's silly to think that what I say hundreds or thousands of miles away from a pitcher will effect him. Especially in the social media age that we live in. Everybody talks about everything, every hour of the day. That's like saying no perfect games or no hitters will ever happen because somebody, somewhere tweeted about it.

Now, this is a completely different case if you're sitting in the dugout next to the guy throwing the no-no. The mental side of baseball is huge, so don't talk to him unless he's comfortable talking to you about it.

Jinxes are Real
Marcus Hall

Ever hear of a thing called etiquette? That's why I don't talk about a no-hitter until it's over. To me, it's THE major jinx in baseball. You mention it and the pitcher will give up a hit immediately. Happened to the White Sox in 2008. Gavin Floyd had one out in the 9th, and I get a text from a (now former) buddy about the no-hitter and Joe Mauer immediately hits a double. It's science.

You can tell everyone you know to get to a television immediately, you can let them know vaguely that something important is happening. But by NO means should you mention the no-hitter before completion. I know, I know. I can't control the outcome from my seat, but I'm a traditionalist. I like my pie filled with apples, my hot dogs with mustard and my no-hitters unmentioned.

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