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Athletics Heavy Metal Walk-Up Music

The Oakland Athletics have recently been named the most metal team in baseball. Fans and players alike have embraced this, and there is now an area in the right field bleachers called “The Metal Section.” Here, fans rock out to the metal songs blaring on the loudspeakers while headbanging until their necks break. It’s pretty rad.

Being a huge metal fan myself, I thought it’d be fun to list a handful of the most “br00tl” metal songs for the A’s hitter to walk-up to.

Yoenis Cespedes – Despised Icon “MVP”

The heaviest song I know, aptly named for the player most likely to win an MVP award on the A’s. “WELCOME TO THE TEAM!”

Coco Crisp – The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza “You Won’t”

This is my favorite death metal band. When Coco is running after a ball in the gap, someone might be like “You won’t catch that, Coco. You won’t.” But he probably will.

Josh Reddick – iwrestledabearonce “You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voices”

Josh Reddick is a Grizzly Man with that beard and hair. Why not have his walk-up music be from a band with the word “bear” in their name?

Derek Norris – Converge “Trespasses”

I would have picked another song by Converge, but I wanted to use the line, “No one ‘Trespasses’ when Norris is blocking the plate. The runner and Derek ‘Converge.' See what I did there?

Grant Balfour – Ion Dissonance “This Feels Like The End?”

When Balfour enters the game, it “feels like the end.”

Jed Lowrie – The Red Chord “Antman”

This man, like an Ant, carries the weight on his shoulders and delivers.