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Best Moments of the First 100 MLB Games

It’s been eight days since the 2013 Major League Baseball began. So far, there have been 1,570 strikeouts recorded, 208 home runs hit, 99 stolen bases and plenty of memories made.

Here are the top three moments inside the MLB Fan Cave from the first 100 games of the 2013 season.

#1: Yu Darvish’s Performance: April 3, 2013 was a perfect night inside the MLB Fan Cave. Well, almost. All nine Cave Dwellers were on their feet as Texas Rangers starter Yu Darvish stood on the mound with two outs in the ninth. But then it happened. Houston Astros infielder Marwin Gonzalez broke up the perfect game bid, hitting a pitch up the middle for the first base hit of the night. One would think that this disappointment would cause an unhappy memory, but we were honored to have been so close to witnessing history this early in the season. To make matters even better, everyone was quick to create a group hug around Texas Rangers fan Mina Park. And who doesn’t love hugs?

#2: Arizona’s Marathon: On April 4, it took the Arizona Diamondbacks five hours and 32 minutes to defeat the St. Louis Cardinals in 16 innings. The game surpassed the previous Chase Field record of five hours, 14 minutes in 16 innings set on April 13, 1999. What made this game incredible was counting down to Chase Field history together. It was past 2:00 a.m. ET when the record was broken, but one would never know from the excitement and enthusiasm that we all shared when history was made. I guess it’s true that good things really do come to those who wait.

#3: First Team Wins: I was the last Cave Dweller to have their team record a win. I saw so many high fives, smiles, cheers, yells and screams before I got to experience my first victory. Fortunately, I finally did - and it was glorious! To see the delight in my new friends’ faces when that first check mark was placed in the W column of their team made me smile. With each passing day, I continue to see the true passion of each Cave Dweller through their excitement of each recorded win. I’m honored to experience this joy every day. With that said, I certainly hope my team is able to keep pulling off numerous victories throughout the season.

There are a multitude of amazing memories that have been experienced by the MLB Fan Cave Dwellers, and it has ONLY been 100 games so far this season. I’m excited to watch more incredible baseball and experience many more great memories with my new friends.