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Big Lebowski Player Look-Alikes

If you have not seen the Minnesota Twins’ most recent commercial, stop reading this sentence and watch the video below now.

After watching this commercial and seeing the great resemblance between Kent Hrbek and The Dude, it got me thinking: who else in the MLB is a Big Lebowski look-alike?

Here is my take on the casting of some of the other roles.

Brian Wilson as Walter Sobchak

Jeff Samardzija as Jesus Quintana

Cubs fans are hoping Samardzija finds himself in the Cubs’ rotation this year.

Cole Hamels as Donny Kerabatsos

Let’s hope Hamels rejects this role; we don’t want to see his long locks again. Leave that to Lincecum.

Jennie Finch -or- Kate Upton as Bunny Lebowski

Both Jennie and Upton would do great as Bunny, so for this movie let’s give Bunny a twin sister.

What are your thoughts on other potential players and other characters as well? Tweet me @gordonmack.