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Bloodlines Run Deep in This Year's MLB Draft

People might sometimes tell you, "Hey, you have your mother's eyes." Or, they might say, "You get that sense of humor from your dad." You also may have been told, "You are just like your big brother, and that's why you have to sit up here near the teacher's desk, Mr. O'Hara." Well, my little brothers heard that anyway.

The Major League Baseball Draft is fast approaching, and there are some notable young players up for selection who are related to a current or former big league player - even the NHL's "Great One" - will be paying close attention to how the draft shakes out this June.

Among the future stars of the game to be selected by the 30 Major League clubs could be names like Bichette, Boras, Garvey, Rodriguez, and, yes, Gretzky. Who knows? Trevor Gretzky might be the next "Great One,” but this time with a wooden bat rather than a hockey stick. recently shed light on a number of draft bloodlines in an interesting post:

"Bloodlines run strong in the Grand Old Game, and this year's Draft has an intriguing group of young thoroughbreds champing at the bit to hear their names called in the big leagues' favorite June post parade, which will be held from June 6-8.

"The names jump out at any baseball fan who's been paying attention over the past decades. From Bichette to Bonilla, from Boras to Bream, from Dunston to Garvey to Guillen to Pudge (well, Rodriguez), you're going to see serious big league progeny over the rounds of this year's draft."

For me, it has always been a great compliment to hear that I have some of my mother's features or that I'm like my father in some ways. It must be especially great for these young men to hear, "Wow, you throw like your Pop," and "Haven't seen a swing like that since your Dad played." I look forward to the day when a ballpark announcer makes the call, "Now batting, No. 99, Trevor Gretzky." And I'll bet for all these big league hopefuls, being just like their dads can't come soon enough.