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Bob Costas Discusses the Ludacris Video

A fictional conversation between Bob Costas and his wife about the clip of him quoting Ludacris

Mrs. Costas: Robert, what were you thinking quoting a rap lyric? That’s so out of character.

Bob: Well, I know, honey, it’s just that the fellas put me on the spot and I wanted to seem like a good sport.

M.C.: Please just keep it to yourself next time. My mother could have been watching!

Bob: OK, I will, dear. Now let’s go back to eating dinner. These plain potatoes are great.

M.C.: Would you like some salt or grav--

Bob: No....eating in silence...

M.C.: I have to ask, Robert, when did you even HEAR a rap song?

Bob: It’s a funny story actually. I was doing my daily medium paced morning walk around the dirt circle in the front yard--

M.C.: Of course...

Bob: --and some local kids were stopped at a red light, bumping music--

M.C.: Wait they were “bumping” music? Like the way you sometimes bump into our Victorian bureau cabinet on your way to get your plain glass of water when you’re thirsty in the middle of the night usually around 9:30pm?

Bob: Kind of. Anyway, the music was “rap” and I heard my name! SO, I went to the library, and after poring through the library card catalog, I idenitfied an album by a musical performer called Ludacris and checked out some of his CD’s.

M.C.: Oh, you went to the library? The one on Oakwood? How’s Sheila?

Bob: She’s fine. Says her mom’s doing better.

M.C.: Great.

...silent eating followed by doing the dishes by hand and then an hour of silent reading then in bed and sleeping by 8:30pm sharp...