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Brewers Pick Up Firefighters' Dinner Tab

A kind gesture.

The Brewers have been doing great things on and off the field this season. While in Boston, a few Brewers players were eating in the same restaurant as two Milwaukee firefighters who were in town for the funeral of fallen comrades. In an awesome gesture, the players, including pitchers Matt Garza and Kyle Lohse, picked up the bill for the firefighters.

The Milwaukee Sentinel ran the story, quoting one of the firemen and Lohse.

"They talked to us for about five or six minutes," Venne said. "Matt Garza asked us about why we were there, and we told him about the funerals…Sometime thereafter, the server informed us that a member of the Brewers had picked up our dinner tab that night. It kind of left me speechless."

"We appreciate what they do. They put their lives on the line for people," Lohse said. "We were there in Boston where they just recently had a tragedy with that incident with their firefighters. It was a little token of our appreciation. The least we could do was pick up their dinner."

Wherever they go, the Brew Crew is simply trying to spread the happiness.