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Cave Dweller Favorites: Ricardo Marquez

Here is a list of Ricardo Marquez (@iblogbetter) favorite moments from his 2012 MLB Fan Cave Experience.

Player Visit: It’s a tie between the Marlins Bullpen and Ryan Dempster and Derek Holland.


Both groups of guys were beyond ridiculous and absolutely hilarious to hang out with.

Non-player Visit: Charlie Sheen takes the cake.

Having “Wild Thing” come in and hang out while telling crazy stories was pretty phenomenal. The man knows his baseball.

Fan Cave Video: My favorite video has to be when we all starred in the soap opera with Miguel Cabrera.

Aside from Eddie Mata, none of us were actors and it came out pretty great. Also, I had a scene with a very attractive actress while I was topless. Comedy gold!

Concert:The best concert we had in the Cave was All Time Low.

We had a crazy crowd on hand that brought a ton of energy to the Fan Cave.


Game Moment: Best moment has gotta be when Weaver got the no hitter for the Angels.

I still get chills every time I think about it.

Game Watched: My favorite game to watch may have been when the Braves walked off on the Phillies due to a Chipper Jones home run.

Watching Ricky Mast and Shaun Kippins celebrate in front of a tormented Gordon Mack was actually pretty funny.

Dweller Memory: My favorite memory is the exact moment when all nine of us walked into the Cave for the first time.

I remember looking at Ricky and both of our faces with the look of, "Oh my gosh, this is really happening."