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Cave Dwellers Present Dream Trades

For fans who play Fantasy Baseball, dream trades are definitely a possibility and can occur with a click of a button. However, real life deals are highly complicated and often require several layers of approval and attention. For many fans, the ultimate baseball fantasy is to be the real life GM of their favorite team for a day.

With this in mind, the Cave Dwellers have come up with their dream trade acquisitions for each of their favorite squads. Don’t worry, though; we tried to keep it as realistic as possible.

Ashley Chavez (SF): Chris Perez (RP)

I would love to have a closer like Perez in exchange for one of our farm league catchers. We are so stacked at that position, and a catcher is something that a team like Cleveland can utilize.

Gordon Mack (PHI): Sergio Romo (RP), David Freese (3B), & Mark Trumbo (OF)

4 Team Trade (12 Player Deal) - We send three prospects to San Francisco, three to St. Louis, and three to Anaheim in exchange for Sergio Romo (we Need an 8th inning RHP), David Freese (we Need a 3B) and Mark Trumbo (we need a LF)

Ricardo Marquez (LAA): Zack Grieke (SP)

From a realistic standpoint, the Angels need a SP and maybe relief. My dream trade would be Greinke. I would also like to see James Shields (SP) or snag Sergio Romo (RP) from the Giants. Although, Ashley would probably be very, very sad.

Kyle Thompson (STL): James Shields (SP)

The Cardinals’ biggest need is middle relief, but I’m not going to waste my one acquisition as the Cards’ GM on a guy that will pitch in the 6th or 7th inning. I have always been fond of Shields’ pitching style, and I think that his stuff could dominate in the NL for many years. I also think he could easily embrace the Cardinal Way of baseball.

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