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Chinese Taipei postgame interviews March 5

Q: Even though you lost tonight's game, by virtue of the tiebreaker, you win the pool and you will go to Tokyo as the No. 1 seed from Pool B. Your thoughts on coming out of this pool as the champions?

CHANG HENG HSIEH: Yes, the players worked very hard for the three games, and we tried our best and presented our best performance. I'd really like to extend my appreciation to all of the team players.

We didn't win the last team. I've been waiting for that win for several years, but it is a mission incomplete. I truly hope that one day soon we can play against Korea again. We know that Korea is a very strong team. During the past few years we didn't have a chance to defeat Korea, but we will learn a lesson from this game, and we'll try our best in the future. I hope one day we'll be able to beat the other strong teams. Thank you.

Q: Dai Kang Yang, the Most Valuable Player, leading your team, and getting key hits tonight, can you explain your feelings on moving on to Japan in the pool?

DAI KANG YANG: For the past three games, our teammates played really good. The MVP honor is not just for me, it's the efforts of everybody: The manager, the coach and other teammates, it's not just by myself. I want to thank all of my teammates, coach, manager, and all of our staff members going to Japan.

It's sad though we didn't win our three games, I hope I'll be able to recover from the sadness, and I will try my best to win again against Cuba, Japan, and Netherlands in Japan.

Q: As the starting pitcher, you gave your team a couple of very good innings and enabled them to get the lead. The crowd was very loud and behind you. Did that help you in pitching here tonight?

YAO HSUN YANG: Pitcher I'd really like to thank my teammates for the fielding and for the defense. Actually, my performance is not that good today. We didn't lose any runs because the fielding was good. Though we didn't win the games, I'm really, really sad about that. But we still have a chance to beat Korea next time.

Q: Yao Hsun Yang is the reason why you put him down is because of his injury? How is his condition?

CHANG HENG HSIEH: No, he didn't have an injury, maybe he just felt a little uncomfortable in terms of his fingers. I think at the time it was time to change pitchers, that's why I called him down.

Q: You'll go to Tokyo now for the second round? What was your impression about team Japan? When we're playing against Japan, what kind of strategy or roster will you use against Japan?

CHANG HENG HSIEH: As far as we know, Japan is a very strong team and has always been a respectful opponent for us. It's too early for me to talk about the strategy at this moment because we just finished the game. I try not to think about that right now.

When we go ... I think we'll still have some time tomorrow and the day after. We'll try to set our strategy against Japan.

Q: The first time to get into the second round, can you talk about from the perspective of players and manager what do you think is the key success factor for us to advance?

CHANG HENG HSIEH: Okay, let me put it this way. In the international tournaments like this, we need to be well prepared because there are too many variables. You have to be fully prepared before the game, the practice, the warm up, everything, the mentality. For a manager, I think if we are well prepared, we'll be able to play against all of these strong teams.

This year, from my perspective, I think Chinese Taipei are a team that has better confidence. It's a very dynamic team, and we have good team spirit. Everybody motivates each other. We just want to win. We have a strong motivation to win. So I think that is the key success factor for us.

Q: From the players' perspective, how do you think this Chinese Taipei team is different from the previous ones? Why are we able to advance?

CHANG HENG HSIEH: I think the managers, the players, we all work together. We do not play ... we are all unselfish. Nobody wants to be the hero. Everybody works towards the same goal. We just want to win. We connect with each other, I think. This is how I feel this team is so different.

PLAYER: I think we have good team spirit. We are a team, and we respond to the game well. We listen to what the managers said. We believe in the coaching staff and the managers believed in the players, that's why we have such a good performance this year?

Q: Yao Hsun Yang, when do you feel that your fingers started to get uncomfortable, and what were you thinking at the time? Because you were reluctant to be changed when the manager called?

YAO HSUN YANG: I think it's probably from the second hitter I started to feel a little bit uncomfortable. I wasn't wanting to step down because I'm not satisfied with my own performance.

I didn't pitch that well before, but I have to believe and listen to the managers. I have to believe in the relievers the set up pitchers. They are very good, so I have to believe in them?

Q: You said before that Chinese Taipei is a brand. Do you think we have to successfully improve our brand awareness, or what do you plan to do in the second round?

CHANG HENG HSIEH: If we want to make this brand valuable, of course, you have to win. That is the key issue. In sports, everything starts with the win. If you want to establish the brand awareness of Chinese Taipei, if you want to increase the brand value in Tokyo, we also need to have the ambition to win. That is very important.

If everybody can work together and have a good team spirit, I believe we'll be very powerful. We'll fear no other teams. We hope that we can play well in Tokyo so that Chinese Taipei can be recognized in the international baseball community.

Q: So there was a very overwhelming cheering from Taiwanese fans. Did they help you? Have you seen that kind of cheering until now? I'd like to ask this question to the two players.

PLAYER: The fans in Taiwan are very passionate, and this is a very important international tournament. I think not just for the international tournaments, sure for us also in Taiwanese professional baseball games. We're very motivated by their support.

PLAYER: I think during the last few games, the fans really gave us a lot of support. They gave us the courage to compete against other teams, and I really thank them for their support.

Q: Question to the two players. You two are brothers. How do you feel that you helped Chinese Taipei advance to the second round as brothers joined together?

PLAYER: I'm very happy and honored. Not just me and my brother, but as a team. We have very good players. We have a strong team. That is how we got advanced so we are very happy not just in this game. When I go back to my team, I hope that I can also feel the same.

PLAYER: I haven't played together with my brother for five years, and this time I'm very honored to be selected as a member of the National Team and playing for Taiwan along with my brother. I'd like to thank the coaching staff and the nation for giving us the opportunity.

Q: How do you decide to change and put Chien Ming Wang in the game. How did you feel about his performance?

CHANG HENG HSIEH: Chien Ming Wang is playing well today. I sent him in in order to resolve a crisis, and he completed his mission, and he basically stabilized our defense. So I would really like to thank him for helping the team.

Q: Yang has pinkeye. Is there any reason why your eye is pink?

PLAYER: Because I was excited. We advanced to the second round. I think that's it. Nothing really special.