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Chris Sale Has an Incredible Metabolism

Chris Sale has been everything White Sox fans have expected. Probably a little bit more than that. He's also a freak of nature in more ways than one. The Wall Street Journal posted a piece about Sale's "Greatest Metabolism." They also describe him as "historically skinny." Which is very true.

The article lets us in on a fun tidbit, Sale is one of FIVE players in MLB history to be listed at 6-foot-6 or taller and weigh 180 pounds or fewer. Surely you're thinking to yourself, man he must never eat. Yeah, well..

The article reports on a flight he polished off TWO ice cream sundaes and THIRTY bags of potato chips. Yes, you're reading that correctly. Before a game last week against the Angels? THREE chili cheese dogs. Just thinking about all of this food intake makes me oddly hungry and really jealous that he can do that and maintain his lanky frame. And I thought I had a really good metabolism.

At least he's come a long way from not finding a pant size small enough in high school, he's even added 10-15 pounds this past offseason to bulk up a bit. Teammate Adam Dunn doesn't know where it went, though. "He must have grown his hair out or something." says Dunn. Frankly as a White Sox fan, if Sale keeps up his pitching performance he can clear out entire buffets if he wants. I'm just never inviting him over for dinner.