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Clayton Kershaw, Taylor Swift Fan

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw is arguably the most talented southpaw hurler in baseball today. Kershaw, who recently won his first National League Cy Young award, led the Senior Circuit in all pitching Triple Crown categories while posting a career-best 21 wins in 2011.

Apparently, though, Kershaw still thinks that there is room for improvement upon his incredible statistical successes of this past season. He wants more. In fact, the young Dodgers ace recently told Molly Knight of ESPN The Magazine that he will not be satisfied in his performance until he wins each of his starts. Seriously.

REGARDLESS OF WINNING THE CY YOUNG, I have one goal that never changes, and that's to win every start. This year, I had 21 wins and five losses in 33 starts. The only time I'll be satisfied is if I go 33-0, so there's room for improvement. My changeup needs to be better. Until I feel comfortable throwing that pitch -- or any pitch -- in any count, I've got stuff to work on.

You just have to love that attitude and determination. In addition to Kershaw's incredible repertoire of pitches, that mental make-up is a major reason why the Dodgers would be wise to lock him up to a long-term contract extension as they did with All-Star center fielder Matt Kemp.

Interestingly, though, the highlight of the interview had nothing to do with pitching or those bold quotes. Rather, it was Kershaw's admission that he is a big Taylor Swift fan.

I'M A BIG TAYLOR SWIFT FAN. I really like her song "Mean."

To further honor Kershaw for taking home Cy Young honors, we will leave you with this.