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Coors Field Covered in Snow

After back-to-back postponements, the New York Mets finally got back onto the diamond Tuesday – but getting Coors Field ready for a baseball game was no easy task, and required the help of more than just the Colorado Rockies grounds crew.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson put on his boots and gloves and grabbed a shovel.

Rockies Chairman and CEO Richard Monfort got in on the action.

Dinger, who turned 19 on Tuesday, was put to work before he was allowed to celebrate.

The Rockies head groundskeeper, Mark Razum, got to play with the heavy machinery.

It wasn’t all work.

Even Mets VP of media relations Jay Horwitz tried to help.

You can’t even recognize the field before and after…until you try diving for a ball.

Be careful on that frozen ground today, men!