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Cuba postgame interviews March 7

Q: You got the double base hit but you only scored two, what was the cause of tonight's loss?

VICTOR MESA: The five double plays, that was big. That caused trouble to score. The top of the sixth, we get a three run home run which was also big. Yeah, we've got a double digit base hit, we send a lot of runners on base, but we couldn't score a run. That's the reason why we lost.

Q: Also, tell me about the conditions, you used a lot of pitchers today. You are going to have a game tomorrow, as well.

VICTOR MESA: Yes, we are ready for the starting pitchers, and we have some pitchers available. We've got a starting pitcher as well as a reliever, so we have no worry about that.

Q: Team Cuba was defeated by Netherlands, you got a home run finally, how do you feel about that and are you ready for tomorrow's game?

YULIESKI GOURRIEL: Yes, my hitting condition is good compared to the last couple days. So I'm wishing I could help more for tomorrow's game. Like I said early in this tournament, I'm eager to help my team.

Q: What's your impression of Team Netherlands?

VICTOR MESA: I don't think they are a very good team to be honest. We could have scored more. I think we should have scored more than five runs. They walked very well, they got a base hit and they got a run. We got a base hit, we didn't (get a) run. That's the difference, and those differences caused the result.

Q: Tomorrow's game, you don't know which team you're going to face against; any thought for tomorrow's game?

VICTOR MESA: Well, you know, you never know the strategy until you know who you are going to face against. But anyway, no matter what, no matter who we play against, it is going to be a must win game tomorrow. We still have a possibility. We still have a chance.

Q: And you don't know yet if you are going to face against Team Japan or team Chinese Taipei, what is in your mind right now?

YULIESKI GOURRIEL: Talking about tomorrow's game, like I said awhile ago, my condition is getting better. So for the offense, Team Cuba's offense worked well for tomorrow for sure. And my condition, my feeling is getting back. So once again, the result is going to be better. Therefore, I mean, that's it. We must win tomorrow. That's it.

Q: You've got a bunch of base hits but you've also got a lot of double plays, especially ground out double plays. The starting pitcher, did he locate the pitch very well, or your hitting was struggling? That's the No. 1 question. Question No. 2, the starting pitcher, Freddy Alvarez pitched well, but his last outing he pitched 67 pitches or so, and he didn't have an opportunity to start this game. Was it a big affect?

VICTOR MESA: Yes, that is a good question. Talking about the pitchers, yes, you are correct. Yeah, he pitched too many pitches. He threw too many pitches, so that's why we couldn't use him. I think he's capable of getting the final out, but Castillo (phonetic) is ready right now, which is good. Yet, we have 11 pitchers on the roster available for tomorrow's game.

Q: Since you've gotten to the World Baseball Classic, all you've talked about is how much you want to go to San Francisco and that's your goal and tomorrow is a do or die game. Do you feel any pressure knowing that if you lose tomorrow, that's going to be it for you?

VICTOR MESA: Yes, it is definitely a must win, do or die situation. I believe my players, as well as my team, can score runs, that's the most important thing than any other. We need a result. We need a victory. Other teams scored well; we didn't score. Only Team Japan clinched twice in a row. I recognize Team Japan has a three peat chance, but we are the challenger and we are trying to defeat Team Japan. I am hoping my teammates, my players, that this is what a sport is and this is also a part of your life; I never give up. In order to do that, we have to put all the effort. That's all I want to say. Thank you very much.