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David Ortiz Inspires with Pre-Game Speech

“Boston belongs to me. A nation’s pride, dirty water on the river. No one can take away our memory. Oh Oh, Boston belongs to me.” – Death Before Dishonor

David Ortiz did not say this to the Fenway crowd Saturday afternoon. He said something better.

In an emotionally charged pre-game ceremony, where fans saw injured marathon victims, marathon volunteers and the Boston Law Enforcement officials on the field, the fighting, resilient spirit of Boston was potent. Big Papi finished the ceremony by giving a powerful, and energized, speech to the fans saying, “Today our uniforms don’t say Red Sox, they say Boston.” He then thanked the Mayor, BPD and FBI, finishing his speech with “The is our @&$%#ing city! No one can dictate our freedom! Stay Strong!”

While the #FanCave9 reacted with “Whaaaaaatt!!!??! No way!!!!” and applauded, the entire city of Boston burst with pride and happiness. Papi said what was on everyone’s mind.

Even the FCC took Papi’s side, tweeting that Ortiz spoke from the heart for all of Boston.

This past week for Bostonians has been nothing but a disaster, so to finally have the Sox back at Fenway was a breath of fresh air. The timing couldn’t have been better, either, as the authorities captured “Suspect #2” in Watertown, MA the night before.

The day was “Patriot’s Day – The Sequel” not only for celebrating our country and freedom, but with a dramatic win, when Daniel Nava, after committing a costly baserunning error late in the game, crushed a 3-run HR in the bottom of the 8th into the stands to give the Sox the lead for good.

It was a great day for Boston. Thanks to the Red Sox, baseball and Big Papi, the city is more proud than ever before and should continue its resilience and strength throughout this entire season.

Go Sox. Boston Strong.