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David Wright Hugs Fan

This is the embodiment of how all New York Mets fans felt Monday night after a tough-earned 2-1 victory over the New York Yankees. So happy we could hug someone.

This young fan got to live it (gif via SNY Tumblr) when Mets 3B David Wright came over to the stands for a truly touching moment.

Though the rosters look very different from past years, it had all the drama of a vintage Subway Series game.

I lost some skin on my knees after falling to the floor when Brett Gardner robbed Daniel Murphy of a homer in the sixth.

My fellow Dwellers nearly lost their hands due to some intense high fives when Wright went deep the next inning.

And those last three outs? Armando Benitez, Luis Castillo and all the ghosts of Subway Series lore were running through my mind as I watched anxiously.

But in the end, the Empire State Building was orange and blue, and the hugs were filled with joy, not sorrow.