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Debate: MLB Franchise Player



The Cave Dwellers weigh in:

Danny Farris: Took me 0.01 seconds to think about this one. Michael Trout. At 21 years old, the kid is a beast on the field and has had zero off the field troubles. Sign me up.

Marcus Hall: Clayton Kershaw. If you're building your franchise around one player, it should be an ace. Clayton's arguably the best pitcher in baseball, and he's only 25 years old. I don't need to say much else.

Travis Miller: I've got to cop out on choosing between Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler by picking Mike Trout. A five-tool player who can play anywhere in the outfield and hit anywhere atop the lineup, there's a lot of leeway when building around him. 

Mina Park: Buster Posey. He has the track record to prove he's the real deal. He's only 26 and already has two World Series rings, a Silver Slugger award and an NL MVP Award. What more could you really ask for? 

Aaron Roberts: Call me a homer if you'd like, but I have to go with the best pitcher in baseball, 25-year-old southpaw Clayton Kershaw. Pitching is so vital to a good ball club and having a guy who will consistently keep you in every fifth game is invaluable.

April Whitzman: While there are many incredible young phenoms in the game, I'd build my team around third baseman Manny Machado. The 20-year-old has done nothing but impress defensively and offensively. In fact, thus far in 2013, Machado leads the league in hits and doubles - an impressive feat for one of the youngest in the game. Expect him to continue to put up similar numbers throughout his career.

Ben Wietmarschen: I'd build it around Matt Harvey because an ace who's gonna keep your team in the game for nine innings every five days is so much more valuable than any position player. Dude has gone into New York freakin City and dominated over 15 starts with very little run support and a big fat buttload of pressure and expectations. He's shown more at this point than any of the other top contenders for this.

Who would YOU pick? Comment below.