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Dodgers-Yankees Twitter Battle

Oh, man! Things are heating up in the Bronx!

Ever since their days in Brooklyn, the Dodgers have had a long standing rivalry with the New York Yankees. The Bums and the Bombers share an intense history that includes multiple World Series and a feud or two along the way.

Well, things got taken up a notch this season. We’ve now entered the age of social media and with the Dodgers slated to battle the Yankees in New York this week, each team’s Twitter fired shots at one another for some friendly old fashioned jivin’. I definitely have to give the edge to the Dodgers in this insult battle. Yes, the Yankees have a bajillion trophies, but like the Dodgers pointed out, the best thing to ever come out of the Bronx is a man named Vin.

See the exchange below:

Who do you think won? Comment below.