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Fan Catches Home Run While Holding Baby

Mere days after St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Pete Kozma made a fan famous for all the wrong reasons, Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth gave a guest at Great American Ballpark the opportunity to flaunt his multi-tasking skills.

Appropriately clad in sunglasses, our hero doesn’t think twice, getting into a strategic crouch while shifting his body so the child he’s holding is as far out of danger’s way as possible.

This dude makes it look easy as he barehands the 426-foot shot without flinching.

He took a big risk, but judging by his body language, he was pretty confident he’d score a memorable souvenir for his son while not forgetting to hold onto what matters most.

That kid is going to have a great story to tell one day, and thanks to the Internet, there will be a video online to back it up.

If you look to the man’s right, a woman is holding a child in her lap. Perhaps his wife? If so, he dodged some serious hot water. Could have ended up like this guy.