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Fantasy chat: Zinkie tackles Twitter questions fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Check out the chat transcript below and check out the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

Question: @georgegts I'm looking for a SP. Available are Steven Matz, Robbie Ray and Joe Ross. Please recommend one.

Fred Zinkie: If you have room to stash, Matz is the pick.

Question: @Jallen00 Do you know when we'll see Miguel Sano called up? Is he a must stash?

Zinkie: Sano could be in the Minors for most of the season, as Trevor Plouffe is a solid third baseman. Not a must stash.

Question: @jakebrown320 Would you prefer Carlos Gomez or Byron Buxton? Also, would you prefer Carlos Santana or Joey Gallo?

Zinkie: Prospects are exciting, but the veterans are much better in each of these comparisons.

Question: @EvanLovett I was offered Corey Seager for Jorge Soler in a keeper league. Should I make the trade?

Zinkie: Yes. Seager has terrific upside and plays a scarce position.

Question: @Michael023433 Should I drop Edinson Volquez or Gio Gonzalez for Ian Kennedy in a 14-team league in hopes of a turnaround?

Zinkie: You could drop Volquez, but you will need to bench Kennedy for now.

Question: @BostondudeFan When is the right time to add Steven Matz?

Zinkie: Matz should be added right now by those in 12-team leagues or deeper. He could be up by the end of June.

Question: @kyle7may Someone offered me Yordano Ventura for Pedro Alvarez. Should I accept?

Zinkie: Ventura has been inconsistent this season. Look for a more reliable starter in an Alvarez trade.

Question: @AmericanBlood77 Should I drop Marcus Semien for Matt Duffy?

Zinkie: If you need immediate help, you can make the move. But then you'll need to constantly look to improve on Duffy.

Question: @fantasy_mt Would you rather own Ben Zobrist or Francisco Lindor?

Zinkie: Zobrist. Lindor is great with the glove, but his bat and base-stealing will take time to develop.

Question: @JLair_3 Should I trade Wil Myers for Jason Heyward and Derek Norris in a dynasty league? I am rebuilding.

Zinkie: If you're rebuilding, stick with Myers, who has more upside than the other players in the trade.

Question: @FNTSYenthusiast Should I trade Dee Gordon, Brian McCann and Jason Hammel for Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rizzo?

Zinkie: Yes, you should. You are giving up three good assets for two great ones.

Question: @ScottMcNally86 In dynasty should I give Byron Buxton and Jose Peraza and receive Gregory Polanco and Julio Teheran?

Zinkie: In a dynasty league, I would stick with Buxton and Peraza.

Question: @baseballin77 Do you think Wade Davis should be added in a 10-team league? Or is Pedro Strop a better addition?

Zinkie: Davis should be added in all leagues. He could be a top-tier closer, and something seems off with Holland this year.

Question: @real_wes_trunk How do you feel about Jonathan Lucroy moving forward?

Zinkie: I believe that he will be a top-5 catcher.

Question: @5hadow__ Should I drop Brett Cecil? Something tells me he won't have the closer's job for long. Also, should I trade Fernando Rodney?

Zinkie: I agree on Cecil. I don't see him closing by August. If you can get anything useful for Rodney, take it.

Question: @Spirit29 Should I keep Devon Travis or drop him?

Zinkie: He can be kept, but his production may not be great when he returns and he hits near the bottom of the lineup.

Question: @UndrcovrBrother What should I do with Tyson Ross?

Zinkie: Bench him for now, but don't sell low or drop. He has been unlucky on balls in play this season. Control is also an issue.

Question: @wfromans Which one of these players should I drop? Leonys Martin, Billy Burns, Rougned Odor.

Zinkie: Drop Odor. He has potential, but Martin is solid and Burns has notable upside.

Question: @nicesportsguy Which player should I sit? Kolten Wong, Andre Ethier or Mookie Betts.

Zinkie: In general, play the matchups. But overall, I would start Wong and Betts.

Question: @glenwarrick4 Matt Wieters or Brian McCann?

Zinkie: Very close, but I prefer McCann.

Question: @TbabyBrabec I have these third basemen: Anthony Rendon, Manny Machado and Adrian Beltre. Who should I drop/trade?

Zinkie: Try to trade Machado. It is hard to get fair value for Rendon or Beltre right now.

Question: @gobolts07 What is fair return for a closer such as Zach Britton? I have had lots of offers but all seem too low.

Zinkie: A No. 3 starter is a good aiming point for a second-tier closer such as Britton.

Question: @PensTalk85 I need to drop a bench player for Billy Burns so I can get some steals. Should I drop Francisco Lindor or Mark Teixeira?

Zinkie: Drop Lindor. He has a great future, but could be inconsistent initially.

Fred Zinkie is the lead fantasy baseball writer for Follow him on Twitter at @FredZinkieMLB.