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Fantasy chat: Zinkie tackles Twitter questions fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Check out the chat transcript below and check out the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

Question: @CSC_94 Should I own Jung Ho Kang or Matt Duffy?

Fred Zinkie: I would choose Duffy, because his role is more secure.

Question: @VicVail Should I trade Dee Gordon and Patrick Corbin for Robinson Cano, Dexter Fowler and Trevor Rosenthal in a 14-team keeper league?

Zinkie: Yes. Nice discount on Cano, and you get two solid assets with him.

Question: @JMcD317 Who would you rather have on your team, Gregory Polanco or Carlos Santana?

Zinkie: I prefer Polanco, who could swipe 40 bases this season.

Question: @dinsua Do you think it is smart to drop Doug Fister or Joakim Soria for Matt Moore, who will soon come off the disabled list?

Zinkie: Stick with Fister and Soria. Moore may not hit the ground running in his return.

Question: @Waittilthisyear Should I trade Gerrit Cole for Jordan Zimmermann and Jeff Samardzija?

Zinkie: Yes. As great as Cole has been, you are getting two good pitchers who should improve this summer.

Question: @Deyowell Should I trade Michael Brantley for Jake Arrieta and Kole Calhoun? It is a deep 16-team dynasty. I have Ben Revere and J.D. Martinez in my outfield right now.

Zinkie: Yes. Arrieta is an ace, and Calhoun is a consistent asset in a deep league.

Question: @scubafanatic Should I trade Giancarlo Stanton for Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergaard?

Zinkie: As good as those pitchers are, they aren't enough to trade away Stanton.

Question: @MikeDellDQ What should I do with Robinson Cano on my fantasy team?

Zinkie: His value is too low to trade him. Bench him in most leagues.

Question: @hrmiller24 I just got offered Byron Buxton for Anthony Rendon in a keeper league. Should I take it?

Zinkie: Tempting offer, but I would stick with Rendon. He was great last season can be used at a scarce position.

Question: @b_lane19 Which player is a better option for my corner infield slot -- David Freese or Carlos Santana?

Zinkie: Freese has been better than expected this season, but stick with Santana.

Question: @CowboysCEO86 Is Joc Pederson for Byron Buxton a good trade? It is a keeper league.

Buxton is last round keeper.

Zinkie: If the keeper cost for Pederson is also late, stick with him. If not, go with Buxton.

Question: @Bird_son007 Should I give up Xander Bogaerts and Yasiel Puig for Brett Gardner, Brandon Phillips, and Nolan Arenado?

Zinkie: Yes. Gardner is underrated and Arenado is excellent.

Question: @IronMetalRoses Do you think Hector Olivera will take over third base for the Dodgers? Who is a better stash, Olivera or Miguel Sano? And who should I drop out of Carlos Santana or Kendrys Morales?

Zinkie: In my opinion, Sano is the better stash. But I wouldn't drop either of those veterans for him.

Question: @kelv_tran99 Is Collin McHugh worth a pick up in a 10-team points league despite his struggles?

Zinkie: Leave him on waivers and use your last roster spots for streaming in shallow leagues.

Question: @cumondad Should I drop Michael Pineda?

Zinkie: Definitely not. This is a rough patch, but he should be retained in all leagues. Can be benched for now.

Question: @jgordon13524 Should I acquire Brian Dozier for Freddie Freeman? I have a lot of first baseman and I need a good second baseman.

Zinkie: Definitely a good trade. Freeman's current injury is concerning and Dozier is a great asset.

Question: @dyl_picks Who is a better play going forward Billy Burns, Steven Souza Jr., or Jorge Soler?

Zinkie: Very close between Burns and Souza. Base your decision on your category needs.

Question: @DGravid Is it time to drop Robinson Cano?

Zinkie: He can be dropped in shallow leagues, if you have an attractive option on waivers. Otherwise, stick with him for now.

Question: @Keith_Stoned In a total points league, is Byron Buxton worth a roster spot?

Zinkie: He is less valuable in points than in roto, but he is worth a roster spot in all formats (especially if he continues to hit leadoff).

Question: @SouthPawProwess Which shortstop-eligible player has more fantasy value the rest of the way: Brock Holt, Marcus Semien, or Matt Duffy?

Zinkie: Despite his recent slump, I will take Semien. Duffy in second place. I like Holt, but the uncertain role hurts his value.

Question: @Derek9713 Should I drop Chris Heston or Stephen Strasburg and pick up Nate Karns?

Zinkie: Dropping Heston for Karns is fair, if Heston is your worst starter. Don't drop Strasburg, who could have great second-half value.

Question: @Prl556 I need to pick up an outfielder. Ben Revere, Randal Grichuk, and Chris Colabello are available. Who do you think is the long term best option?

Zinkie: Unless you are already set with steals, Revere should have the most long-term production. I would put Colabello second.

Fred Zinkie is the lead fantasy baseball writer for Follow him on Twitter at @FredZinkieMLB.