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Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos

AL Championship Series BOS v HOU

October 18, 2021

Game 1: Red Sox 4 - Astros 5

Michael Starghill/MLB Photos

I just think this game was unbelievable. I enjoyed it as a player, but also, as a fan of the game... I think they're a really hard team to beat, and just by one run we won this game, and I feel like we played really good.

Carlos Correa

Game 2: Red Sox 9 - Astros 5

Photos by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos


I think when we have this humble approach that we're not trying to do too much, then big things happen. And J.D., that was great to see [him] going the other way. Raffy, not trying to do too much and hitting the grand slam. It's a very good approach right now. We're not getting greedy. Like I said a few days ago, it's not about hitting 30 home runs or driving [in] 100 runs. It's about winning four games against the Astros. So now we got one, and now we go to Fenway.

Alex Cora

Game 3: Red Sox 12 - Astros 3

Adam Glanzman/MLB Photos

That gave me a headache, and I loved it. I loved every second of it. Like I said, this is what you live for, right? This is it.

Kyle Schwarber, on the deafening roars as he rounded the bases

Game 4: Red Sox 2 - Astros 9

Photos by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos


I’m very happy that I could score with a homer right there and what we did in the ninth inning was amazing... I’m just happy we won today.

Jose Altuve

Game 5: Red Sox 1 - Astros 9

Photos by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos


We just needed to stay focused. We just needed to focus on the job we needed to do and just take it one game at a time.

Yuli Gurriel

Game 6: Red Sox 0 - Astros 5

Michael Starghill/MLB Photos

Yordan was something else. He was really clutch, everything. I'm happy for him.

Luis Garcia