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Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos

NL Championship Series ATL v LAD

October 18, 2021

Game 1: Braves 3 - Dodgers 2

Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos

That was my first [walk-off hit] ever. I came up in quite a few situations earlier in the season and wasn't able to get it done. But to get it done tonight was awesome.

Austin Riley

Game 2: Braves 5 - Dodgers 4

Photos by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos


You better not leave early when this team is down, because you’ll end up missing the best part of the game and listening to it on your radio when you’re driving home. These guys never quit.

Brian Snitker

Game 3: Braves 5 - Dodgers 6

Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos

I saw it and I just tried to put a good swing on it. It’s one of those things. Ball’s coming in hard, some shadows you’re dealing with, so I saw it well and I just tried to barrel it up.

Cody Bellinger

Game 4: Braves 9 - Dodgers 2

Photos by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos


I feel proud of my efforts. I came here wanting to showcase my talents [and] show the people what kind of player I am.

Eddie Rosario

Game 5: Braves 2 - Dodgers 11

Rob Leiter/MLB Photos

When you look at all the years playing for the Dodgers, it’s all these big postseason games that are most special to me. I think these are moments that we’re going to look back on for the rest of our lives, and it’s pretty cool.

Chris Taylor

Game 6: Braves 4 - Dodgers 2

Photos by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos


It's truly a great moment, not just in my career, but in my life as well, but I want more. I want to win the World Series.

Eddie Rosario