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Fenway vs. Wrigley

Of the 30 ballparks in MLB, two of them are considered “classic" ballparks: Fenway Park (100 years old) in Boston and Wrigley Field (98 years old) in Chicago. Not only are the parks old, they also have very famous and distinguishable characteristics: Fenway's “Green Monster” and Wrigley's ivy on the outfield walls. Whether they are baseball fans or not, people from all over the world have been drawn to the mystique and grandeur of these magnificent structures.

But, if you could only choose one of these parks to visit, which one would it be?

The Argument for Wrigley

The “Friendly Confines” is an all-encompassing baseball experience that few ballparks can rival. The ivy on the outfield walls is an incredibly unique feature of this park, and it adds to the overall flavor of the Wrigley experience. The historically significant baseball events that have occurred in the ballpark coupled with the rooftops seats and Wrigleyville make this a perfect destination for America’s pastime.

The Argument for Fenway

Baseball history has been played out in Fenway, which is the oldest and most historic of all of the parks in MLB. Also, the Monster is one of the most unique and recognizable aspects of any sports arena in the world. Without a doubt, Fenway is a beacon of baseball’s enduring greatness and the intentionality of preserving one of the game’s gems.

My Pick: Fenway Park

Having never been to either park, the venue that most interests me overall is Fenway. Most of the people who I asked this question to had never been to either park, and an overwhelming majority of them would also prefer to take in a game at Fenway. One of my baseball bucket list items is watching a Cardinals vs. Cubs game in Wrigley; however, all things equal, I would relish the opportunity to watch a game in the classic park that is Fenway.

That is my opinion, but we want to hear from you! Tweet me @KyleOKC with your pick.