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Fantasy chat: Hunter vs. Soler and more fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@Brett_McNeill_: Torii Hunter or Jorge Soler?

Fred Zinkie: Soler. His potential is too great to pass up.

@beanzslayton: Who wins a Bryce Harper for Max Scherzer trade?

Zinkie: Depends on need. Edge to Harper in overall value, but Scherzer is also elite.

@SureThen: Is Matt Moore a decent DL stash?

Zinkie: Fairly risky. Control could be an issue when he returns.

@swanny909: Is Stephen Strasburg hurt, unlucky or just terrible so far? Is he a buy-low option?

Zinkie: Possibly a little of all three. The discount would need to be substantial.

@captkirc: In a 6x6 roto format (added OPS and holds), I need speed badly. Would you trade away Jason Kipnis and Jon Lester for Jeff Samardzija and Dee Gordon?

Zinkie: It's a fair deal. Could leave the pitchers out of it and swap Kipnis for Gordon.

@Rev_Gabelicious: Should I have already given up on Joe Kelly?

Zinkie: Yes. This is a good time to cut struggling starters with low upside.

@esnow8488: I was offered Robinson Cano and Bartolo Colon for Joc Pederson and Carlos Correa in a redraft league. Should I buy low on Cano?

Zinkie: Might be better off to stick with Pederson and hope for a Correa recall.

@NYGIANTS4121: Is it time to drop David Wright with the recent developments?

Zinkie: Wright can be dropped in shallow leagues.

@__dwelsh: Should I trade Adam Jones for Giancarlo Stanton in a points league?

Zinkie: Yes. Stanton's walks help his value in points leagues.

@stewz573: When will Jose Bautista heat up?

Zinkie: If the cortisone shot works, he could heat up very soon.

@__dwelsh: Which shortstop should I keep -- Alcides Escobar or Zack Cozart?

Zinkie: Escobar, who should start swiping more bases soon.

@Norcallie76: What are your thoughts on Dexter Fowler, Ryan Howard and Chris Colabello?

Zinkie: Fowler should be solid all season. Very intrigued by Colabello. Howard could have rough patches.

@RickyR513: Need to drop one of the following to add the red-hot Trevor Plouffe: Marlon Byrd, Adam Lind or Wilin Rosario.

Zinkie: Drop Lind, because his overall value is capped by lack of effectiveness vs. lefties.

@Ynal_Alouri: What is your prediction on Jonathan Lucroy once he returns from his injury?

Zinkie: He should be a top-five catcher for the remainder of the season.

@isiaaah_: Would you rather own Jose Altuve or Adam Jones?

Zinkie: Altuve, but Jones is also excellent. Altuve is solid in all categories and special in steals.

@brianle53115041: In 10-team roto -- pick up Clay Buchholz, Rubby De La Rosa or Mike Bolsinger?

Zinkie: Try Bolsinger. Can likely come back for the others if he regresses.

@mpq1982: Do I play Russell Martin or Evan Gattis? I am sick of flip-flopping on matchups.

Zinkie: Playing the matchups is the only option, unless you make a trade. Float them both on the market and then evaluate.

@Kyle_willis7: Should I acquire Mookie Betts, Billy Hamilton and David Price for either Bryce Harper or Mike Trout?

Zinkie: If you need depth, steals and an ace, it's a good trade. Would rather retain Trout.

@Hom2icH: Should I drop Christian Yelich or Taijuan Walker?

Zinkie: Walker for sure. Yelich should get on track soon.

@bigsullyt: My options in a trade are Edinson Volquez and Jeff Samardzija. Who should I take for the rest of the season?

Zinkie: Samardzija. Even with his inconsistent start, he offers great potential.

@Tyharper12: In a 12-team head-to-head league, would you trade Andrew McCutchen for Johnny Cueto?

Zinkie: No. Too many injury concerns with Cueto right now. For McCutchen, you should get a healthy, stable ace.

@Jsports_47: Need a pitcher. James Paxton, Rick Porcello or John Lackey?

Zinkie: Paxton, who has shown some encouraging improvements in his recent starts.

@jbshoesgetter: What should I do with Clayton Kershaw?

Zinkie: You should keep him, unless you can get a top-10 player in return.

Fred Zinkie is the lead fantasy baseball writer for Follow him on Twitter at @FredZinkieMLB.