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Best of Fantasy 411 Twitter chat fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Check out the chat transcript below and check out the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@Hoffm: Is Francisco Lindor a top-five shortstop in 2016 drafts? Where do you see him going?
Fred Zinkie: Lindor will likely be a top-10, but not a top-five shortstop next season. He will likely be off the board by the midpoint of mixed-league drafts.

@tigerbulldog13: Do you think Jake Marisnick will play enough to make a difference down the stretch? I need on-base percentage and steals.
Zinkie: Yes, he should play often enough to help out owners in deep mixed leagues.

Video: [email protected]: Marisnick's unique baserunning leads to run

@theonly1Avenger: Should I start Justin Bour over Albert Pujols? Pujols has really struggled recently. Also, should I drop Gregory Polanco or Michael Conforto for Tommy Pham?
Zinkie: It's fine to bench Pujols for now. Don't drop either of those players for Pham.

@sportsweather: Do you see Carlos Correa going as early as round three or four next year?
Zinkie: I believe he will go earlier than that. Round two in most drafts. Round one in some leagues.

Video: [email protected]: Correa hits a two-run shot to right-center

@CoryBaker13: Where would you rank Garrett Richards and Corey Kluber next year?
Zinkie: I would put Kluber around 10th-12th among starters. Richards around 25th-30th.

@FCO11: Should I drop Josh Harrison and pick up Addison Russell, Rougned Odor, Chase Utley, Brett Lawrie or Didi Gregorius?
Zinkie: Drop him and add Odor.

@banoycocina: Should I start Angel Pagan or Ender Inciarte?
Zinkie: I would take Inciarte. Overall, Pagan hasn't helped much this year.

Video: [email protected]: Inciarte drives an RBI single to right

@kylereed: Please name one player who could help me win my championship this week.
Zinkie: Depends on your needs. Pham could provide short-term help. Tyler Duffey if you need a starter.

@FCO11: Should I drop Wil Myers or Mark Canha to pick up Bour?
Zinkie: It would be great to own all three. But if I had to choose, I would drop Canha.

@strikesmalone: Which player should I add to replace Billy Hamilton: Khris Davis, Domingo Santana or Kevin Kiermaier?
Zinkie: Davis, narrowly over Santana.

@DZW4431: Is Corey Seager a potential keeper? What do you see him potentially doing next year?
Zinkie: Yes, he is a potential keeper. He may be a top-10 shortstop next year.

Video: [email protected]: Seager makes the backhanded stop, turns two

@rooker72: Which player should I not keep: Jake McGee, Yordano Ventura, Hector Rondon or Russell Martin?
Zinkie: Cut McGee. He could have value this year, but the other three are safer.

@KungFuBlanda: Should I keep Miguel Sano, Javier Baez, Luis Severino or Eduardo Rodriguez?
Zinkie: Sano. His power potential is exciting.

@cspotweet: Should I keep Manny Machado or Chris Davis for next season?
Zinkie: Machado. He could be a first-round pick next year.

Video: [email protected]: Machado's RBI single ties the game at one

@einstein2u: Where would you rank Xander Bogaerts for 2016?
Zinkie: He will likely be a top-five shortstop.

@BrucedIV: Should I start Greg Bird, Victor Martinez or Bour?
Zinkie: Bour, narrowly over Bird.

@C_Chap2: Would you keep Adam Jones or A.J. Pollock?
Zinkie: Pollock. He has had a special season, and he should be entering his prime.

Video: Must C Catch: Pollock's great leap takes away homer

@NickDeStef7: What sort of upside does Matt Duffy have for next season?
Zinkie: Expect something similar to his 2015 production, with possibly a few more steals.

@alfredo_gc: Which two players should I keep: Clayton Kershaw, Andrew McCutchen, Jose Abreu or Kris Bryant?
Zinkie: Kershaw and Bryant.

@peterkrysso: Should I drop Steven Souza Jr. for Jorge Soler or Myers?
Zinkie: Yes, drop for Myers.

@andyfletchxr: Should I keep Maikel Franco or Corey Dickerson for next season?
Zinkie: Keep Dickerson. I expect him to bounce back next year.

Video: [email protected]: Dickerson opens scoring with an RBI knock

Fred Zinkie is the lead fantasy baseball writer for Follow him on Twitter at @FredZinkieMLB.