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Get To Know: Gordon Mack

I always have a hard time talking about myself so here is a quick timeline of my life up to this point.


1987: I was born. My older brother wanted to name me Kermit after his stuffed Kermit the Frog, whereas my sister wanted to name me Gordon after her teddy bear named Gordon. My sister won! I still try to imagine what my life would’ve been like if my brother won that debate.

1988: Don't remember.

1989: Don't remember.

1990: Don't remember, but I probably was super annoying at this age.

1991: I would love to remember this year. Life was probably super fun! Dinosaurs! Happy Meals! Sing-Along VHS Tapes!

1992: Ran away from home and listened to Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit." #NOTTRUE

1993: Had my first crush in kindergartner. Her name was Katelyn. She broke my heart twice. 1) She never asked me out (I didn't know it was the man's responsibility.) 2) She cheered for the Blue Jays against the Phillies in the heartbreaking World Series.

1994: I did one of the following: A) Started playing soccer B) Watched the World Series on TV … #shouldbeobvious

1995: I got in my first and last fistfight with my nemesis Ian. I would love to tell you that I won so I will...I won! (Hopefully Ian doesn't read this).

1996: Went to my first game at Veterans Stadium where I got to feel the inside of the Phillie Phanatic's Nose/Mouth/Beak #TRUESTORY

1997: The year I discovered I could balance objects on my chin. I wanted to one up my fellow little league teammates who were balancing bats on their fingers in the dugout. So, I attempted to balance my bat on my chin and the rest was history.

1998: Saw my first Broadway show and started dreaming of being a Broadway actor.

1999: 5th grade…The year you look back on a say “Wow, I thought I was so old.”

2000: My peak year in Little League Baseball ended embarrassingly when I got my foot stuck under the outfield fence allowing an inside the park homerun. I knew at that moment that baseball was a spectator sport and not to be played by me.

2001: Luis Gonzalez #thankyou

2002: First Kiss. #awkward

2003: Auditioned for my high school's musical and got rejected, which was a blessing in disguise. Had I made it I would have never discovered my knack for running track. #unintentionalrhyme

2004: Sophomore year slump.

2005: Played George Bailey in "It's A Wonderful Life," which was recently bumped by MLBFanCave to #2 on my list of 'Coolest Experiences' in my lifetime.

2006: Applied to Johns Hopkins University via a video essay of me balancing objects on my chin. Who would've thought it would work again six years later?

2007: Discovered freshman year that singing and playing guitar is not a unique talent on a college campus.

2008: Brad Lidge.

2009: Started using Twitter. Started drinking only juice or water. Started doing stand-up. And started writing statements in under 140 characters.

2010: Graduated from Johns Hopkins. At the graduation ceremony fellow alum Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the commencement speaker. Thus, when I walked across the stage I decided to hand him my resume. He never called :-/ so much for our alumni network connection.

2011: I survived the earthquake in NYC and as a result I started my own company that sells earthquake insurance to New Yorkers. (Still looking for customers)

2012: Auditioned for the MLB Fan Cave and currently writing the "History of Gordon Mack: Part I." Mel Brooks will be releasing Part II soon.

Follow Gordon on Twitter @gordonmack.